Mira Co Rescue [August 2019 Pulse Check]

Hello everyone!

Doing a bit of a pulse check on the project as there has been quite a large gap since the latest update.  Things have been a little slow due to some life commitments that are now complete!  Progress on the game has resumed and today I've finished the intro scene to an upcoming area in the game: The Coastal City.

The Coastal City (Name Pending) will introduce some events that will include progressive events and artwork.  I've included some thumbnails to some various events that can take place along with the finished introduction to the sex toy shop: Succ or Bust. 

Mira can choose to test products and eventually work for the Owner who dresses up as a 'Succubus.'  These toy tests will eventually lead to other 'services.'

I've finished the Tumblevine game over sequence but still need to finish up the rest.  Some work has been done on the Unknown Sniper but I am still partially struggling with having three characters in an image.  I worry that some images so far are a bit zoomed out and not showing off the 'good bits' as much as they should.  What do people think of the game over artwork so far?  I've posted a WIP of the first part of the Unknown Sniper Game Over image as an example.

In other news, I did figure out how to make it possible to use older saves rather than providing a save each time.  The next build I post will have that update so you can use older saves.  Fun times!

Until next time!


Mira Co Rescue [0.2.2a] WIP Build [Current] 214 MB
Apr 30, 2019

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I love the game over artwork so far! As other people have already suggested, to put little game over scenes with every girl could be a nice idea :D

how mush is this update going to add

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Also, to reiterate Guyver's point below, maybe you should consider having multiple separate scenarios for each girl in a gameover if you're not satisfied with how a peril with all three is portrayed.

I'm not saying that every gameover should consist of divided scenes but sometimes a situation might call for more focus on each girl individually. While the regular spider girls would be happy to keep the trio webbed up all together in a larder or something for easy mana refills, I'd imagine that Little Webby would love to have some alone time with Mira while Selena and Hemmy have fun with the other spider girls. Maybe even Webby's sisters to spice things up for a boss gameover :)

(Are Webby's sisters and mom apart of the story in the cave? I'm assuming that the situation will be made clear once you get to finishing up the area but I'm curious what Webby's home situation is like since Dinner Party Guest is on hiatus and since you have the game to worry about it isn't likely to update anytime soon.)

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So happy to hear from you. The update looks like it will be worth the wait.

Will the update also include the spider cave bosses and their sprites? The preview you posted a few months ago got me really excited for the silk dresses Little Webby has in mind for the girls ;)


I am just finishing up the boss and their sprites so I have programming to do afterwards.  The current planned art assets for this update are complete so we should be getting closer to another update.


BTW, are you streaming on picarto again?

I stream when my schedule allows it.  Typically on the weekends.  If you follow me on Picarto it will send you a notification.  I'm not great at remembering to update DA journals and other social media when I do...

yaaay update! tentacle wine and the unknown sniper are my favorites girl-sprite abuser!

maybe you should focus on "separate" single endings for every girl, so you don't have to draw and design everything including the 3 of them and random enemies, like Mira getting sold as a slave, while one already in a customer hands as a bondage maid and the last one as a personal plaything for the sniper.

whatever fuels your boat, i'm having a blast every update you make, so don't worry about going "wrong", you aren't!

Hey it's not dead, happy days! Personally having a mix of close ups and wide angle scenes akin to the slime queen ending looked good. I think you should continue on and not worry too much about that sort of thing. Its good to see some progress keep it up!

PS: please turn the girls into plant girls in the tanglevine ending, also are there any plans for cowgirl content? (maybe a ranch zone or something)

Plant girls will be a thing in one of the game overs, partially in the tumblevine game over.

In terms of cowgirl content, it may be a thing depending on how many areas are added to the game; however, since the overall scope of the game is sort of loose (which was somewhat problematic with the previous save bug) it is a possibility.  

Thanks for the comment!