Mira Co Rescue - Nov Status Update

Hello Everyone!

Excuse me for the extreme radio silence as of late with the project.  I posted about this on patreon but haven't updated the public spaces until now.

To just be blunt, I was in the hospital at the start of October and am adjusting to the new normal due to a medical condition.  Game updates and art have been put on the back burner as I focused on my health.  After a month now I am getting back on track health wise and am going to slowly get back into doing artwork and game updates but it will be slow going.

Due to the large gap in art being done there will likely be a period of time where I'll need to get back on track and adjust so please bear with me as I work through all of this.  

To sum up why there was a large gap from May to now in updates as well was I was working on a side project for a change of pace art wise and programming wise that was focused on a solo character.  So far most of the base systems were in place and art assets were being made for another MVP (minimal viable product) to showcase like with Mira Co Rescue but then the whole health issue cropped up.  I'll be sharing some of the artwork here to show progress on that since Mira Co Rescue was on temporary cool down for art assets.

Please take care of your health everyone.  If your body is giving you warning signs please listen to them.  Remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment.  

Until next time.

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Every month or two I come back to check if development resumed. I'm sad every time XD


Any news ?


health is more important than horny! hope you get well soon!

No worries, take care of yourself first. I'll be looking forward to your new side project too.

This side project looks really cool!


Take as long as you need, and work at a pace that best suits your current needs. Take it easy, and may your recovery continue without furhter complications


Take all the time you need Ankh! Focus on your health first and foremost.

just make sure you don't do too much too soon and hurt yourself, I hope you recover soon. And drink some water!