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[Game still in development!]

[Adults Only / NSFW 18+]

Mira Co Rescue is an RPG Maker MV RPG with a lewd state based combat system.  Multiple enemies with different fetishes/perils to inflict on the three party team!

Mira's tricks have finally landed herself and her friends in a mess of trouble.  Now that her maid staff has been captured by the various creatures of the land, Mira, Hemmy, and Selena must travel the world to save them from being an endless supply of Mana.  But they must tread carefully themselves as they can just as easily end up needing rescue as well!

Demo/Beta Features

  • On Map Encounters
  • Multi-stage perils
  • 3 Game Over sequences for various monster types (2 normal enemies, 1 boss)
  • 27 total battle sprites across 2 peril types (6 for normal/nude character state and 21 peril sprites across three characters.  Normal/Nude state variant for one peril/nude 3 part peril compared to the standard 2 part peril)
  • In Addition: After the first area is cleared, a WIP area is unlocked which contains 3 additional peril types spread across 30 new battle sprites! (2 with nude variant).  There are no new game over sequences though.  A gallery is unlocked upon defeating the 'boss' of the area.
  • New Area - Emma's Garden: After the first area is cleared, a new area is unlocked with 4 additional peril types spread across 48 new battle sprites! (All with nude variant).  There are no new game over sequences though!  A gallery is unlocked upon defeating the 'boss' of the area.  Be sure to return to the 'secret' area in your Key Items which you obtain after defeating the first boss!


Arrow keys - Movement

Spacebar/Enter/Z - Confirm

X - Menu/Cancel

Ctrl - Hide Text Box during dialogue (To view images better)

Shift - Hold down to 'walk' (Always Dash is enabled by default)

Content Warnings:

Game currently features nudity, slime, yuri, F/F,  soft vore (no digestion), tentacles, quicksand/mud, ryona, and bondage.

For additional Inquires or specific bug reporting, contact:




Yanfly [Various Plugins]

SumRndmDde [Game Over Retry]

Momomaru Remix - Please Support them! [Battle System]

Hiz [State Stacking]

Triacontane [Message Window Hiding]

Micheal Morris @Blue Booth Studios [Shop Tracking Plugin]

PandaMaru [TileSets]

Kadokawa, mlogan [Tile Sets]

com_sho [Tile Sets]

Stiltzkinator [Programming Assistance]


Future Plans

  • Additional Areas covering more perils in the form of battle sprites/game overs.
  • Adding On-Map effects that can cause peril as well.
  • Replace placeholder/default assets with custom art/sprites.  A few examples can be seen but several maids still have default faces.  Enemies may have new sprites in the future!

The demo is FREE; however, I've included the option to donate if you'd like to support the project.  I'm the single developer/artist/programmer on this project and work on it in my free time.  Gaining funds from this project isn't the goal but any support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for stopping by and viewing/downloading my game.

Additional Links

Game Dev Twitter

Deviantart Page


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Mira Co Rescue [0.2.2] WIP Build Current 216 MB
Mira Co Rescue [0.1c] - Most Stable Build 188 MB
Version 0.1c
nw_elf.dll [For Bug Report Purposes] 439 kB

Development log


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will there be new gameovers in the next vrshin

(2 edits)

Will the Silk Hole and Red Goo traps have their own game overs?

I can see the Silk Holes leading into the spider girl game over by having the spider girls coming and fishing the trio out of the traps, but the Red Goo seem to be removed from the spider girls despite being in their cave.

To be clear, I'm assuming that the Silk Hole is a trap intentionally set by the spider girls and not simply a random byproduct of magic like I'm assuming that snake was in the slime area.

I seem to be assuming a lot of things.

Hello! Thanks for the comment!

The Silk Hole and Red Goo traps will have their own game overs.  You're not too far off with these assumptions, so good job! : >

Sweet, looking forward to them :>

Hopefully there is still work happening on this project, checking the twitter and deviantart links without many updates is kind of a bummer. It must take a lot of effort to develop this game but a little checkin every so often would be appreciated. Keep up the good work :)

Yes! Work is still continuing but things are a little busy this month and next with some IRL commitments.  I'll try and keep pulse updates more frequent with small previews.  Thanks for checking in!

Even a little update letting us know small things like that is nice once in a while. Looking forward to that clothless tanglevine gameover ;)

Any progress on any further updates? Am hoping to see more

I tend to post some Works In Progress art on my DeviantArt page and occasionally the twitter feed as well.  I'm working on the battle sprites for the current area and then will be doing some Game Over/Events for the current areas that are missing them.

Do you have links to both so I can follow? Am eager to continue forward on it heh.

My DeviantArt Page

Game Dev Twitter

Is this still being worked on? I really liked the direction the clothless vine plant game over was headed. Keep up the good work :)

Yes it is!  Progress was a bit delayed due to being a solo project but I am working on finishing up the remaining battle sprites for this area and will be moving onto the next.  I'll make a more detailed post about it with the new build but moving forward it will be a bit more of a WIP vs providing a fully finished area with each milestone build.  More on that in the dev blog to come.

Good to hear, I look forward to every single bit of it. I really like the clean aesthetic you have going on with the art style and the twitter went kind of dead for a while so I was worried! Thank you for the reply.

Please provide an archive in either ZIP or 7Z format.  RAR is patent-encumbered and doesn't work with the itchio desktop application.


Thank you for your comment!  I have uploaded a ZIP file as the main file with the recent bug fix build.  I have never used the desktop application before, so thank you for letting me know RAR was incompatible!  I hope you have a nice rest of your week.

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Thanks for the ZIP version; installs and runs with no problems!  :)

Please reference the following link with additional info and a link to the detailed integration guide for the itchio desktop application.