Mira Co Rescue [0.2.2 WIP Build]

Small Note:There was a bug for the goo and Silk Hole where you couldn't rescue anyone.  This has been corrected in the build posted at 7:30PM CST.  Gallery additions have been made as well.

0.2.2 (Changes from 0.2)

-Added New Area: Spider Girl Cave

-Added New Enemies: Silk Worm, Spider Girl, Silk Hole, Goo

-33 new battle sprites total:  
9 Silk Worm (Naked Only)
12 Spider Girls (Normal/Naked)
6 Silk Hole (Naked Only)
6 Goo (Naked Only)
-Introducing floor traps which can trigger combat.  Currently they disappear after being triggered and defeated but reappear if you return to the room.

Dev Notes

Hello everyone!

Another WIP build is posted.  Making a new entry as I want to discuss more things related to the game.  So far it seems that I may have figured out how to keep saves moving forward from breaking the newly added content in future builds; however, to do so it requires a bit of foresight which conflicts with the current dev cycle that I've established so far.  

I would need to plan out all the character moves that they gain through leveling up, include dummy data for enemies yet to be added to the game, and plot out the general committed roadmap till a point where saves would essentially be stable until it went past that point.  Other games have solved this by including saves like I have been doing when new builds release; however, I would think that most people enjoy using their own saves.  So far there isn't much content you'll be missing out by not carrying over specific choices like saving maids or if you've lost a lot so these fresh saves simply get you to the new content faster.  

As it stands, this game and content kind of just keeps going as there are plenty of fetishes and perils yet to be touched upon.  I'm wondering if I should hit a point where the game is considered 'finished' in terms of the initial full release but still continue adding content to it.  With all the potential content that could be added it is difficult to determine when that should be.

TLDR: Save bug will remain unless I actually plan out what future content will be ahead of time and stick to an actual roadmap.

Future Plans

In determining how to really move forward there is sort of a general state of things question I'm interested in hearing a bit of feedback on.  Currently we're pushing forward getting the Battle Sprites for the Spider Girl Cave done.  There is still a mini boss and boss sprites planned for this area bringing the total amount of new enemies to 6.  Afterwards we could continue moving forward on some of the planned areas or return to the previous zones and change them from the stand in assets and create actual maps and story progression similar to the Forest Path.  The current planned areas are as follows:

-On World Map Event: A new shiny will appear after a certain point in the game.  Investigating it will lead to an area filled with machines/brainwash/corruption/bondage.

-Desert Area: An area between accessing the Khrono Tomb which focuses on various desert threats.  Bondage/Hypnosis/soft vore/quicksand

-???: An area that is unlocked using unusual means.  Largely focuses on Yuri/Bondage.

Beyond those areas include the Academy which Rin is currently blocking the path to due to a monster swarm, the coastal city, and the obligatory beach episode and/or hot spring area.  Those would mostly revolve around a mix of map events and battle encounters leading to various things than a dungeon.

Story has kind of taken a back seat as I've focused on a lot of 'fluff' in the form of battle sprites.  The manor restoration was a potential addition that would unlock various small image events that would relate back to maids you've saved and perils you've encountered following you back to your dwelling.  It will most likely remain in a more WIP state as I'm not sure if people would be interested in such side content when the main game is still such a Work in Progress.

Super TLDR:  Should we continue moving forward with reckless abandon?  Return to previous areas and flesh them out more with story and map completion?  

If you've actually managed to read this far, thank you very much for taking the time to read bout the development of Mira Co Rescue.  As a solo developer I great appreciate any feedback and comments that people leave, so feel free to just say 'hi' if you've made it this far.


I've included 2 saves with this build.  We investigated the save data carrying over bug that invalidates any old saves and found that it is tied to the actor data and battle sprite programming.  The two saves should work for this portion of the WIP build for the Spider Girl Cave; however, afterwards the bug will return. 

Save 4 is right after the Slime Queen

Save 5 is right after the boss for Emma's Garden (Use if you want to quickly access the Spider Girl Cave for the new enemy)

Bug Fixes

-With the help of Stiltzkinator we were able to fix the TP bug not filling at the beginning of battle.

-Altered some code so the snake fight (and silk worm) starts with characters naked. 

What's New (From 0.1 - Demo Build)

  • New Area: Emma's Garden (WIP Map)
  • 4 new enemy types with 48 new battle sprites
  • New Area: Spider Girl Cave (Current WIP area)
  • 4 new enemy type with 33 new battle sprites.


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Apr 30, 2019

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I would also  like to know if you plan to put a difficult mode for the game, it sounds very interesting if I have to struggle a bit more not to let the characters be captured xD


I'm not sure if there would be a difficulty slider in the game.  The naked sprites lock you out of attack/magic, so doing a 'nude only' run may be what you're looking for in the future.

I totally love everything you have included in this update! 

About the feedback that you requested, I would recommend to moving forward with reckless abandon, as you well said, and then in the future try to polish the story and map completion.

I seriously love the Battlesprites, probably one of my favourite things of the game. I am also very interested in what you mentioned about the manor and the events about what happened with the maids you have saved, it sounds really exciting :D


Thanks for the feedback!

So far it does seem like just moving forward at our current pace seems to be the general opinion.

The battle sprites are the most fun part of creating the game for me as well, so I'm glad people are enjoying them.  When we return to polish the story and map completion we'll probably take another look at the manor events and better incorporating it's inclusion to the game via plot hooks.  The manor would server as side story content and events such as talking to the other party members and some general downtime between the different areas such as characters relaxing together, or stumbling upon something left from the manor raid from the beginning.

You are very welcome, and that sounds totally awesome, I am so looking forward to it!

Great build.  I think the trap enemies are bugged because you cannot cleanse their capture states in battle.

Hey DrBonsai.  The trap enemies were indeed bugged; however, the latest build should have resolved that. : >

Sorry, I think I downloaded a build just before you uploaded the fix, but you hadn't changed version numbers so I thought it had already been resolved.  

Everything is working.  No cause for alarm.