Mira Co Rescue [0.2.1a - WIP Build]


BUG FIX Update for 0.2.1

-Fixed the Silk Worms having two attacks instead of just one.

-Added New Area: Spider Girl Cave

-Added New Enemy: Silk Worm

Hello everyone!

Another WIP build is posted.  This dev blog entry will be edited through the Spider Girl Cave's work in progress builds to reflect the most recent one when they are released.

Bugs may exist in this build but I fixed a few of them.


I've included 2 saves with this build.  We investigated the save data carrying over bug that invalidates any old saves and found that it is tied to the actor data and battle sprite programming.  The two saves should work for this portion of the WIP build for the Spider Girl Cave; however, afterwards the bug will return.  I may be able to solve this but it would require a bit of planning ahead.

Save 4 is right after the Slime Queen

Save 5 is right after the boss for Emma's Garden (Use if you want to quickly access the Spider Girl Cave for the new enemy)

Bug Fixes

-With the help of Stiltzkinator we were able to fix the TP bug not filling at the beginning of battle.

-Altered some code so the snake fight (and silk worm) starts with characters naked. 

What's New (From 0.1 - Demo Build)

  • New Area: Emma's Garden (WIP Map)
  • 4 new enemy types with 48 new battle sprites
  • New Area: Spider Girl Cave (Current WIP area)
  • 1 new enemy type with 9 new battle sprites.


Mira Co Rescue [0.2.1] WIP Build [current] 207 MB
Apr 20, 2019

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You are really cranking out the updates, great work! It is unfortunate that we do not get more bad ends but you seem to be working hard on improving the quality of them so I look forward to what you come up with (please let the girls become plant girls in the vine ending like their peril images suggest).  Cant wait for more.