Mira Co Rescue [0.1.3 WIP Build]


-Fixed Naked Sprites not working on U. Sniper

-Added strip attack to Sniper/Tumblevine

Hello everyone!

I'm testing some things out and posting a Work In Progress (WIP) build of the game.

I am currently working on the art assets for the next area: Emma's Garden.

Three of the planned four enemy types have their battle sprites completed and I figured I would release the progress thus far.  Some people have asked me what sort of release schedule would occur and I mentioned that there might be some of these messier builds between the main releases.

This build is by no means as polished as the original [0.1] in December 2018.  When I update the game to the [0.2] state it will have the fully completed Emma's Garden with Game Overs, battle sprites, events, maps, etc.

Bugs may exist as well since I am testing if this 'Work In Progress' build can exist in addition to the main 'stable' build.

What's New (From 0.1 - Demo Build)

  • 3 New Enemy Types
  • 36 new battle sprites! (Each enemy has both Normal and Naked variants)
  • A WIP map of Emma's garden similar to the Tomb area as it is not the final design

The game overs have not been added for these new enemies and a placeholder message is in its place for now.  If you encounter any bugs please comment here or on the DeviantArt post for the game!


Mira Co Rescue [0.1.3].zip 196 MB
Jan 26, 2019

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