Mira Co Rescue [0.1c - Bugfix build!]

Hello everyone!

[0.1c] Update!

Bug Fix

-Fixed a bug that potentially caused garbled text to appear with the Khrono Tomb stage if you saved in the main room and closed the game.  Re-opening the game potentially caused the autorun text message to run again with unintended effects.

-Altered sound levels to be uniform across the game.  Map movement noises varied previously and have been cleaned up post release!

In addition, I have updated how I upload builds using Itch.io's Butler App!  Please let me know if there are any issues as this is the first time I've used it (Spooky!)

Quick Update - Had a report that one of the custom tilesets was displaying Chinese and potentially caused issues with language packs on various platforms.  I've renamed those files to avoid any file names not being in English.  Com_sho is still the author of the tileset and is properly credited!  Sorry I had to rename your files!

Thank you so much for taking an interest in Mira Co Rescue!  It has been a fun two months developing this behind the scenes and is finally out in the wild!  

A special thank you to all of you who have reported bugs and provided feedback thus far!  I've uploaded the game in ZIP format as I have been informed that RAR doesn't work well with Itch.io! My apologies!

In this recent build I have squashed a few bugs that were causing issues but nothing game breaking thus far.  They may still be out there though!

Build Notes:

What's New
-Added a Ledger to the Manor Courtyard to track progress on Manor restoration.
-Added dialogue during tutorial detailing MP Regeneration of Party.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed? Bug that occurs if you lose to an enemy and retry after the game over.  Enemies failed to disappear after defeating them
causing you to have to re-fight the enemy that didn't vanish.  This should be resolved for normal enemies, mini bosses, and bosses.
-Altered Burn damage to 7% instead of 10% for a bit more balance against bosses.
-Updated a few lines of dialogue that wasn't working or was possibly misleading.

Glitches/Bugs that remain
-TP Wheel may still be unfilled even though you have TP in some instances.  I am tracking down what may be causing this.
It seems to occur after you've healed with E.Claire.
-Being hit again by a strip attack when already naked doesn't have any other text signifying that they are already nude.
I am looking into if I can add context sensitive dialogue like this but for now will just continue to do damage.
-Minimum requirements for RPG Maker MV may hinder game playablility:
OS: MicrosoftR WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better.
Memory: 4 GB RAM.
Graphics: DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU.
Storage: 1 GB available space.
Additional Notes: 1280x768 or better Display.


Mira Co Rescue [0.1c] - Most Stable Build 188 MB
Version 0.1c Dec 20, 2018

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