Mira Co Rescue [0.1] Demo Release!

Hello Everyone!

The demo of the first playable area in Mira Co Rescue has been released!  This game is still in development but I wanted to share what I have created thus far for feedback and general hype around the project.   I've been working on this project for about 2 months starting in late October and recently went live with the results!  I periodically stream artwork on my Picarto account as well, so a few of you might have seen some of the art assets before they were all put together into the demo.

I am most curious on how people feel the overall game is.  It features in battle peril, game overs, and general peril stuff in map/universe.

Are people more interested in Battle Sprites/different perils?  Did the short stories that accompany game overs add much or take away? I'm curious what people think!

Also, I am the sole developer/artist/programmer on this little project that started as a personal one made for fun.  I have a day job that keeps me busy so earning funds from this project was never a goal.  If people are interested in donating towards the project there is an option to donate when you download the demo.  If people need other ways to support the project I can consider other options, but it isn't really something I've considered much.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  As a reminder I also have a Game Dev Twitter account where I can post updates as well!  Follow it if you want live updates.


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Dec 17, 2018

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Hey there! This is a pretty great start, as far as 0.1 versions go.

I'm always a sucker for nicely done in-game status effects, and the associated "do you spend time healing that or do you try to punch them before they get you" tradeoffs.

To kick off some constructive criticism, a few notes from a first playthrough, in no particular order:

- I found the snake boss before I did the slime quest, which may have led to strange story effect? A dialogue along the lines of "found one, now where are the others" without me having any clue what they're talking about yet

- Getting knocked out in combat and then re-playing the fight puts you back on the map, but doesn't seem to despawn the enemy you ran into to trigger that fight, meaning I immediately re-battled them

- Regen mechanics seem a little unclear: The 50-energy move is a decent HP restore, but there seems to be some per-turn HP/MP regen that I don't recall being explained

- The burn status effect is really powerful against bosses, probably a %HP effect that ticks a bunch on beefy enemies

- Being hit by strip while already slimed doesn't seem to do anything - kind of expected, and useful for balance, but might be worth a brief combat text of "but bounces off the slime!" or something...

- The TP wheel seems to start out graphically unfilled sometimes at start of combat (just after rest?) even though characters have 100TP.

- Rescue is usable on self, although I think it was described as "can help a teammate" in the intro. Not sure which it should be, for balance.

- The manor repair mechanic is a bit underexplained, maybe it needs some way for the player to get an idea of progress?

But this is an awesome first showing! Can't wait to see where this goes. I'm always up for more and creative mechanics, and there's so many of those to be had in this setting (I can spam some ideas later if needed). I'm usually not much for click-through graphics/text, but if they're going to be the quality of those in the game so far, I'm not complaining.

Rock on!

Thank you very much for the detailed report!  I'm glad you enjoyed the in-game status effects.

-I'll look into the snake dialogue and clear up any confusion it has as I think I might have removed a line that referenced missing items from the manor instead of the ambiguous 'Others'

-This is being reported by a few people and I believe it was in relation to a few enemies that 'permanently disappear' such as the Slime Queen, Snake, Nebby Statue, and the slime in front of E.Claire.  If you happened to get a game over and retry the battle, the variables are not causing the event to disappear/erase.  Is this also occurring for standard enemies as well?

-There is a 3% MP Regen rate that each party member has on account of being a mage, but I can mention that at some point so it isn't as unclear why it is happening.

-The burn status was the default 10% per tick; however, you're the second person to mention that.  A suggestion was it would be reduced to 5% for the overall ~15% damage per 3 turns vs 30%.  It tended to last 3~5 turns so adjusting the math will help keep it more in check.

-Updating the move text if a character is already nude by hit by a strip attack may help give it more flavor than what it currently has.  RNG is real funny sometimes.

-I had thought to have resolved why the TP gauge wasn't updating but it appears it still must remain from another event.  I will look into that along with the plugin as I think I read a bug report on it having a slight glitch.

-Rescue is meant to be usable on yourself but I can certainly update the text so it is a bit more clear.  

-I could add a ledger next to Hitomi so it is a bit more clear what numbers you are working with and towards.  

Thanks again for giving me some feedback!  I hope you have a nice rest of your week.