Mira Co Rescue - Jan 2022 Status Update

Hello Everyone!

It seems I have once again forgotten to update the Itchio page on the status of the project and the general happenings.

As a reminder, the most up to date information can be found on the Art Twitter where I post WIPs and Artwork related to the game when I complete them.  

In general, the project is still alive; however, the pace we kept before our child arrived in August has since slowed to a crawl as we adjusted. When they were still a newborn and sleeping most of the day I was able to have a similar pace to before but now they are mostly active during the day where they need constant attention.  Between that and my day job it has left a varying amount of willpower to get work done on the game and artwork but I am getting to a nice spot again where I am working on things a bit more regularly.  Now that the holiday season is over my weekends are also less filled with visiting family with the kiddo as well.

We've been working on Mira's Side Event, The Relief Station Attendant which was a continuation from the Vending Machine Mishap.  We've also started work on another of Mira's Side Events, The Missing Outfit.  I had assistance in the Bondage Outfit Design from a fellow artist, BaconPanties to help keep things moving forward rather than getting stuck on design work.

The current plan is to get these side events finished and work on getting all the missing story writing into the game where it makes sense.  Some of the Collective Mothership On Map Events may stay in WIP status until the zone is released given the out of context nature of the debug room.

Looking at the work that is being put into the Collective Mothership it is easily going to be one of the largest areas in terms of content and that isn't even including things I haven't managed to get to yet.  It's been over a year since the last Milestone Update which is a bit concerning but we're still working to get this new zone completed.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season and a decent start to the new year!  Until next time.

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Take care of your kid.


Take all the time needed to make a good fun game.

I sooo wish this game was playable on iPad 


nice to get a update look fored to playing it do you thank it wood be smart to start over at this point or wat to start over win the game is fully done as that has been on my mine for a bit