Mira Co Rescue - October Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

The slowdown to updates that I anticipated hit in full swing this last month chunk as the kiddo is now 2 months old with plenty of new things to adjust to.

In the meantime we've gone from working on Mira's Side Event for the Public Relief Station to the Battle Sprites for the Cybergirls.  Each type has their own set of perils for a total of 18 sprites between the Catgirl, Combat, and Medic.  The current thought is that each would have their own On Map Events for a total of 4 sets of two images (?) each (Troops of multiple Catgirls, Combat, Medics, and a mixture for the fourth event).

We've completed the Catgirl set for Battle Sprites and the Medic is the next voted for Battle Sprite set to work on from the Patreon Poll.  I'll hopefully be able to keep this sprite a day (or so) pace but we'll see how it goes.  Once we get the Battle Sprites done we will either work on the On Map Events or switch back to Side Events to keep things fresh.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing month so far and is getting plenty of rest.  I'm doing my best to keep a decent schedule but it is some sleepless nights with at least getting some artwork done as a trade off.

Until next time!

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