Mira Co Rescue - September Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

Per usual, the most up to date and continuous updates are being made on my Art Twitter account that are supplemented through these Progress/Wrapup Reports here on itchio.

We've been working on the Vending Machine - Part 2 event images per the August Wrapup report and have completed the images for the intro to the event and are working on the meat of the images, the different Relief Station Options.

So far we've completed the Anal and Blowjob images (Anal: 1 Base image w/ 3 variations / Blowjob: 3 Base Images with 1 variation).

We'll be continuing work on the rest of the options this month then returning to the Collective Mothership items that are still outstanding starting with getting the On Map Events finished for the Lewdray Facehugger and Ceiling Sample events.  

In news with the kiddo it has been a somewhat smooth ride until this week where she is undergoing a growth spurt with some sleepless nights are much fussing.  Productivity has been all over the place as I am up late for the 3am feedings getting stuff done beforehand an occasional streams/chilling with folks to get art done off stream.  I'm happy that we're getting some things done in the meantime but it'll still be a bit till we're back in full swing.

I hope everyone is doing well and are getting rest for my sake.  Fall is starting up and cooling off so at least we're past the hot summer and into a more chill season.  Until next time!

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im looking fored to this i hope there will be a level were we get to be locked away in a asilom and a prison sary that is my kink ... no im not sary

Make sure to get enough sleep so that you can function as hard as that may be.

When you get to the mating press scene do you think you could add body writing?

I can make an alt for that, sure!

what thay sayed