Mira Co Rescue - 0.5.1a WIP Build - PLEASE READ

0.5.1a WIP (BUG FIX)

-Added missing debug image for Mira's Combat Dagger attack.  Still testing functionality but it won't break the battle sequence now

-Made it possible to remove the collective suit when leaving the debug room.  I forgot to remove it so it would break other areas.  If you have a save where you are stuck in it, please re-enter the
debug room and exit to properly remove the status effect.

-Fixed the Naked Clothing (still needs proper testing) that allows you to be naked in combat constantly.  You can purchase it from Hitomi at the Khrono Manor for 1000G each.

-(Hopefully) fixed the issue where you could be put in a situation in the Khrono Tomb where it caused a sequence break if you had a save that previously had the Work In Progress Khrono Tomb finished.

If this is happening to you, try using Save 6 to fix this, or if you are on the door after the two diamond keystone (combat area 2) then interact with the door twice to restore the sequence. (This wasn't bug
tested if the fix properly works)


Hello Everyone!

We managed to get the programming done for the WIP Build/Debug Room; however, there are a few known bugs currently in the system.

If you trigger the Conveyor Belt On Map Event and then try and trigger it again it appears to break sequence and won't function properly for the On Map Event part.  If you'd like to view these scenes/battle sprites, please view them in the gallery.

The Debug Room can be accessed from the gallery.  It appears in the gallery room as a big, blue button in the upper right corner.  If you interact with the button you'll be taken to the Collective Mothership Debug Room.  Here you can access the VR scene (no story), enemies with battle sprites/On Map Events (Some Missing), a message from me, and an addition blue button where you can access the Conveyor Belt On Map Event (placeholder story/battle sprite interactions).

If you encounter any bugs outside of the one mentioned above please leave a comment and I will check them when I can.  As a reminder I will be out this week immediately following this blog post as our child will be born and I will be busy adjusting to this new stage in life.  The project is still alive and well but will be a bit longer between updates since my free time will be a bit occupied for a little bit.

I hope you enjoy this Work In Progress Build and please pardon our dust as it is a bit unrefined in comparison to what we normally put out.  This does not normally reflect the types of builds we create for Mira Co Rescue so this is sort of an odd instance.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to mention them here and I will get back to you when I can.

Thank you so much for following the development of Mira Co Rescue and for all the support!  I will see you all again soon!  Until next time.


Overall the total amount of things being added in this WIP build is as follows:

-Conveyor Belt On Map Event - 18 Battle Sprites / 6 On Map Images

-Bio-Entity Zone Enemies:

*Floor Sample - 6 Battle Sprites / 2 On Map Images

*Ceiling Sample - 6 Battle Sprites / (No Images Yet)

*Lewd-Ray Face Huggers - 6 Battle Sprites / (1 Image w/ alt, Part 2 Unfinished)

*Escaped Bio-Entity - 6 Battle Sprites / 3 On Map Images)

-Mira Side Event - Haptic VR Suit - 17 Images Total (14 Base Images - 3 Similar Alts)

Total: 42 Battle Sprites / 12 On Map Images / 17 Side Event Images


Mira Co Rescue 0.5.1 WIP Unrefined Work In Progress 434 MB
Aug 15, 2021

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good luck with the child and do not worry that is something very important in the life of each one and how do you get to the new events because on that subject I get quite lost

I messed up the save transfer process and needed to start a new game from the save 6 you provide. In the Krono Tomb When I tried to enter the sphinx's trials after the second keystone puzzle the game acted like the sphinx was already defeated and gave me the option to teleport to the next area. The teleport didn't work, I just stayed in the same spot.

On a smaller note there was some naked chick standing in the mansion's hallway naked. When I interacted with her she did that thing where the spite turns to face you for a frame and then turns back to face the front. Kinda creepy.

I'm going to see if I can get that fixed in a bug test as another user was reporting it.  I think something caused a variable to get out of sequence with the debug room.

The NPC you were seeing was to trigger the Khrono Tomb's boss defeated which I think is causing some issues.  I forgot they were standing there still in this build vs hiding some of the other debug stuff, oops!

Thanks for the report and sorry for the spooky!

(2 edits)

Will you be updating this to fix bugs later on when you have more time or focusing on making future updates with fixes to bugs included in that? (because baby is higher priority than this and requires plenty of time, hope it goes well btw)


I will be updating for bugs, but since the debug room is a temporary thing the bugs are mostly quirks I can either quickly fix or just resolve later.  (The missing image bug would be a quick fix, the sequence breaking is something I'll fix in the final build)

I'll be working on the rest of the artwork that needs to be done and then working on the entire zone at once rather than breaking it up like the Khrono Tomb to avoid any sequence breaks that are already appearing in the debug room.


I'm liking the concepts here. No major bugs found on my end.


Of course!

I have a bug, I can't warp in the khrono tomb. The game ask if I want to warp, and if I say yes, it does nothing

Which warp point is this in the Khrono Tomb?  Is it warping out of the Khrono Tomb via the Ankhrono Replica or one of the mid dungeon points?

Is this off of a previous save before this new build or one from the provided saves?

How many options is the warp point giving you and how much of the Khrono Tomb have you completed?

This is the warp after the double door with diamon key (found in tombs) in the dungeon. I think it's for continue to the next room. I have used a save already in the game

is all of this in the Debug Room

Yes, you access it through the Gallery from the Ankhrono Replica in your Key Items.