Mira Co Rescue - August Progress Report (Please Read)

TL:DR:   Our child is arriving within the next week so I am working on the WIP Build/Debug Room to tide people over; however, it is not as refined as previous builds and will not have immediate bug support depending on schedule after she has been born.  The project is still alive and well; however, updates will be slower as we adjust to this stage of our life.

Hello Everyone!

Progress has been going smoothly with art asset creation up until this week.  We switched gears from working on the Bio-Entity On Map Events to programming the debug room.  So far, we have the On Map Event for the Conveyor Belt with a very limited, Work In Progress story attached to it for context. 

I will hopefully be getting the current battle sprites into the game so you can experience that as well; however, I'm not sure I will have enough time to create custom assets for the Enemy Sprites/On Map Sprites/etc. due to the extreme time crunch that has come up.  The current work that we have so far is as follows:


Debug Room Status:

-Mira's Side Event - Haptic VR Suit (Images Only in Debug Room - WIP)

-Collective Mothership - Conveyor Belt On Map Event: Battle Programmed and On Map Event Images/Description (WIP) - Needs cleanup

-Collective Mothership - Bio-Entity Enemies:  Battles Programmed.  Needs dialogue and triggers implemented.

Overall the total amount of things being added in this WIP build is as follows:

-Conveyor Belt On Map Event - 18 Battle Sprites / 6 On Map Images

-Bio-Entity Zone Enemies:

*Floor Sample - 6 Battle Sprites / 2 On Map Images

*Ceiling Sample - 6 Battle Sprites / (No Images Yet)

*Lewd-Ray Face Huggers - 6 Battle Sprites / (1 Image w/ alt, Part 2 Unfinished)

*Escaped Bio-Entity - 6 Battle Sprites / 3 On Map Images)

-Mira Side Event - Haptic VR Suit - 17 Images Total (14 Base Images - 3 Similar Alts)

Total: 42 Battle Sprites / 12 On Map Images / 17 Side Event Images


The lower amount of progress over the last few months included a break to draw some Genshin Impact Images revolving around Mona, drawing and rigging Ankhrono-Tan's New Model V2, and other various breaks due to the kiddo.

To recap, our child will be born within the next week so my free time has quickly disappeared to get the programming completed before she arrives. I will be trying to get a WIP build out before I have to leave but it will likely be in a very Work In Progress state since I may not have time to fully write/proofread/implement the full stories attached to most of these scenes.  Bug Reports/fixes will also be slightly delayed as we adjust to our new schedule as we care for our newborn.

I once again want to thank everyone for following the development of Mira Co Rescue.  I've tried to be fairly transparent about the current going ons with the kiddo on the way and that the project is still alive but just a little delayed as we adjust to this new stage of life.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment and I will get back to you when I can.

I hope everyone has a good rest of their month and I'll see you again with the new WIP build!

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good luck with the child and do not worry that is something very important in the life of each one and how do you get to the new events because on that subject I get quite lost

Excited to see the WIP build, and good luck with the new kiddo!

Thanks! The new WIP/Debug Room Build is out! Be sure to check it out.

take all that time you need these new changes in your life arn't going to be stopping any time soon, just make sure you can keep up with what you need to and leave to the side what can. And a child would definately take priority over making a game, (even if tripple-A develipers don't think so... but that's a can of worms for another day.)

just take care of yourself and dont get too tired, or drink too much coffie, just take the time you need and dedicate yourself to what's most important to YOU.

(I'm not good with this type of stuff sorry)


Thanks!  Since this is my hobby project, it is what I do in my free time, though it will be taken up by my child like you said.

I need to take care of myself so I can care for my child and family like you said!  Taking it easy and drawing/programming is relaxing too if I have some time. : >

It looks perfect. Well done, Ankhrono,We're all behind you!

Thanks for the support!

Take all the time you need, we can be patient, so you can devote your time to the important things in your life.  Heck, I've been waiting for ES6 for a decade by now, so you can trust me when I say I can be patient.

Thanks!  The new WIP/Debug Room build is out, but far from finished.

ES6 will be out one day I'm sure... though my daughter may be old enough to play it at this rate...