Mira Co Rescue - July Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

It's been a bit of a busy month between Vtuber model creation for a slight content break from the game and finishing off the Bio-Entity battle sprites for their portion of the Collective Mothership.  We're currently working on the On Map Events for that section related to the Battle Sprites and have a few other things to do before that section of the ship is done.  Afterwards we'll be working on the Cybergirls, other On Map Events, and the Boss. 

I just announced this on Patreon the other day and will mention it here as well.  Come late August my child will be born if they are full term and will be taking up a majority of my time during the early stages of their life.  Content for Mira Co Rescue will likely come to a halt/slow dribble compared to what I've been able to do so far.  The project is still something I am going to continue working on in the future but it needs to take the back burner for a little bit as we adjust to this new stage in life. 

I will be putting together a WIP build with all the currently created content so far so you can experience what we've completed thus far; however, it will be in a debug like room out of context from the full zone as it isn't finished yet to avoid variable trigger nightmares later on.  

The current content so far is:

-Conveyor Belt On Map Event (18 battle sprites, 6 On Map Event Images)

-Bio-Entity Zone (3 enemies, 1 mini-boss with 24 battle sprites, 9 On Map Event Images (Currently WIP))

-Mira's next Succ or Bust Side Event: VR Experience (17 images with slight/major variations in story based on choice)

Picarto Streams will also be paused as we might not be able to dedicate several hours in a row to doing art.  We will probably still be in the voice calls and lingering around but may have attention randomly drop/focus on other things.  It is largely a wait and see how much things will change with the kiddo but I am going to assume it will be a wild time.  

Thank you so much for following the project and supporting me thus far.  I just ask everyone to be patient with us as we transition to this new stage in life and that the project is still ongoing and not ending.  We will be giving updates on how things are going and hopefully I'll be able to do a few things here and there but progress will be slower.  We still have time before they arrive so let's get as much done as possible!

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Will the new update include the new rooms in the Krono manor? I saw you making them on stream and was wondering if you would include them without the Limu scenes.

I will most likely be adding some of the new rooms as they will be there to explore and tease upcoming stuff.

Congratulations! I wish your family well and hope the best of luck for you as you start this new chapter in your life. If you find you have to cancel the game so you have more time for the little one, don't feel guilty. You and your family come first by a wide mile.

Thanks!  I don't want to cancel the game as I am still having quite a great time making content for the game!  Progress will just be much slower I suspect.


CONGRATS on the Lil' Ankhrono! Here's to a happy and healthy little one. I'm sure most of us will understand if you disappear for a while.

Looking forward to checking out the new WIP zone. The art that you've teased for it looks amazing.