Mira Co Rescue - June Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

Been busy creating the art assets for the Collective Mothership after doing a bit of Mira's Side Event with the VR Experience.  We've been working on the Bio-Entity Area and are almost wrapped up with all the Peril Sprites for that portion.  After that, it is working on the Cybergirls and getting the On Map Events/Game Overs done for each peril/part.

In other news as I am writing this, I am in the middle of a short break from Mira Co Rescue Assets as I put together another Live2D model for Ankhrono-Tan 2.0  I've spent this week working on her design, model, and rig for her new appearance and a new pose which has her lying on her stomach playing video games.  I'm hoping to wrap it up during Saturday's Picarto stream so it is usable during Twitch streams.  Later on I'll make a proper standing full body but this pose was one I wanted to get done first given the current "feet up on desk" trend that Vtubers are doing.  I still need to rig her mouth and other details but here is a preview:


I hope everyone is having a good and safe summer so far.  The weather has really heated up this last week where I'm at so I am glad I can just stay inside and work on artwork.  I hope everyone enjoys the art previews and Ankhrono-Tan's new look!

As a reminder, the most up to date updates and progress reports have been moved to my Patreon  / Art Twitter where I post when I'm going live on Picarto and what progress was made during the streams.

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