Mira Co Rescue - May Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the gaps inbetween these posts lately.  I've been busy working on artwork and such and the weeks begin to blur together a bit and suddenly a month has gone by.  Last time we moved focus to Mira's Side Events and we just finished up the first portion of the next series of Side Events that will lead Mira into all sorts of situations.  You can find all sorts of images over on my Art Twitter regarding her VR Experience and the introduction of different artwork depending on a choice.

Currently there is a poll running on Patreon about what enemy/area to focus on as we return to the Collective Mothership between the Cybergirls and the Bio-Entity.  We'll be ending the poll before Tuesday's stream and working on the results then.

So, currently in terms of new things we've worked on are as follows:

Collective Mothership:  On Map Event - Conveyor Belt (18 new battle sprites, 6 On Map Images)

Mira Side Events:  VR Experience (9 base images with  alternative image based on choice for a total of 17 images)

While new content is being made, the progress is slow but steady.  There are still many things to do for the Collective Mothership before it can release in full vs WIP due to how several events/being 'stuck' in the zone during gameplay would be difficult to account for in piecemeal updates.  As a reminder, we stream every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 4PM CST on Picarto and progress is posted on my Art Twitter.  If you want to keep up to date with all the progress being made I would recommend checking it out.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting plenty of rest!  Remember to stay hydrated and take care of yourselves.  Until next time!

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I usually follow your game Twitter for updates/progress posts and was waiting for the May update, only found out about it now by chance, might want to link this on your Twitter.

Will do! Thanks for the reminder.

Dude, what you're doing continues to be gradually even more awesome. You're on your way to creating the biggest lewd game in EXISTENCE, so I hope you know that and are proud of yourself. <3

Thanks so much!  I'm glad that people are enjoying the game and the content being made so far.

ma la piramide non si riesce a fare ce un motivo ho è per una nuova mappa di cui ci sarà prossimamente