Mira Co Rescue - April Progress Report

Hello Folks!

Wow, I completely forgot to make any March updates! My apologies!  I've been working on the On Map Event images for the Conveyor Belt event and have been updating the Art Twitter every Tues/Thurs/Sat with streaming posts.  If you'd like the most up to date progress information be sure to follow that account as I post regularly there.

Speaking of which, we're moving on to Mira's images for this series of images starting Thursday April 8th.  Afterwards we'll be returning to Mira's Side Events per the poll results on Patreon so far.  The reasoning is I need to mix things up a bit to avoid content fatigue as the latest attempt at doing all the Battle Sprites and On Map Event images all at once for a single item has ironically been slower than handling all the Battle Sprites first then moving onto the Game Over Images/On Map Images of the past.

Once we've wrapped up the Conveyor Belt On Map Event I may make a small debug room to get it into the game; however, it will be missing some context on what is happening for the Collective Mothership as the zone is more meant to be played all at once vs these WIP build progressions.  

After that, we'll be focusing on Mira's Side Events again.  These will include the following:

-Additional Succ Or Bust Employee Toy Testing/Customer Experiences:  These events will include a new 'choice' option that may lock a player into a bad end depending on their choices.  For now, it'll be a fairly basic system if you want to take something that will prevent longer lasting, permanent effects to Mira.

-Khrono Manor Expansion: Further areas of the Khrono Manor will open up after completing the Khrono Tomb.  It will open up the back garden, the courtyard, and the small bath house/indoor onsen.  There may be additional areas in this segment that will open up with various side events occurring in various spots.

-Limu the Slime Girl Manor Visits:  Limu will be making a return to lewd Mira now that she has more access to the manor along with Mira.  She'll be making various appearances where water sources have access to Mira.

-Vending Machine: Continue the RNG event of the Succ Or Bust Vending Machine and giving it a kick when it gets stuck.  Progressive machine bondage as Mira gets punished more and more for breaking the machine.  Her friends may even join in later if they choose the wrong actions.

There may be additional side events to work on but this is a large enough list as is.  We'll be interjecting work on the Collective Mothership as well to keep content fatigue as low as possible.  There are the Cybergirls and Bio-Entity to work on for both Battle Sprites and On Map Events.  The Conveyor Belt may not be the only thing on the ship that the party may accidentally stumble upon.

I hope everyone is having a good start to the year so far.  Sorry about forgetting to write progress reports as I typically make 2 a month at the middle of the month and end of the month.  I am tending to update my Art Twitter the most regularly and as a reminder we stream every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 4PM CDT over on Picarto

(Note: For whatever reason I can't quite get the image upload working so I am adding some images to the bottom of this post)

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Looking great Ankh!

Do you still plan on making a non-futa version of the futa scenes like you mentioned in a previous post or have you decided that it would take too much time?

Currently we're working on all the non-futa versions.  Given the time tables so far we'll be looking into it but it won't be until later when we're done with more of the Collective Mothership.  Since we're working on Mira's Side Events next, we'll see if we return for the alt scenes or work on new content.