Mira Co Rescue - February Wrapup Report

Hello Everyone!

Progress on The Collective Mothership is ongoing as I am currently working on the first On Map Event, the Conveyor Belt!

It is a battle that then turns into an On Map Event as a 6 part state peril occurs in battle through Battle Sprites!  I've completed Mira's sprites so far during the Picarto streams and will be working on Hemmy's next.  As a reminder we stream every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 4PM CDT on Picarto.

Results on the poll seem to be pretty positive.  I'll need to get this first set of sprites done and then possibly take a short break before diving into the alternatives.  I will be reviewing how things go at that point for this and see what else will be enabled in the future.

I may be changing up how I work on things as well in terms of completing things as a complete set vs doing things in segments.  For example, I'll be getting all the Battle Sprites and On Map Event images complete for the Conveyor Belt before moving on to another Enemy/On Map Event.  In the past I did all the Battle Sprites and then did all the Game Overs at once which sometimes caused a bit of a gap between focus with what I was going for with the enemy.

As a reminder, I've started to post a lot more progress on my art twitter as we have also added a few more people to the multistream that occurs on Picarto.  Be sure to watch it if you'd like more up to date postings of progress of the art assets that are being worked on.

Thank you so much for the support on the project and reading these updates!  I hope you have a nice rest of your week.  Remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest!  Until next time.

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That looks like exactly my stuff :D Keep it coming

Looking forward to seeing this game completed someday

Will we get some kind of walkthrough in the end, for people stupid enough to not find everything in the end? xD


One day the game will be completed..... one day xD

A walkthrough exists already! It has some spoilers though of course!

Ohh looks great so far! I look forward to more! Keep it up!


Thank you so much!

You're welcome.