Mira Co Rescue - February Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

There has been a slight change in plans from the previous blog post.  

After a bit of debate and helpful conversation with my wife I've decided to move on to the next new area, The Collective Mothership.

I will still be adding content to the Desert Path but as it currently stands it functions as a brief section before the Khrono Tomb the player passes through.  There is enemies and game overs to experience but additional content will appear as the player progresses instead of making it the sole focus of 0.6.0

With this decision made, we'll be focusing on the new, high-tech/sci-fi area where the party will encounter a different type of enemy.  Planning is still underway; however, I wanted to get some design work finished to help hone in the zone to what it will be.

The first above image is the concept for the outfits that the party will be wearing in this new zone.  The party has been assigned specific roles in this new zone based on how they were scanned into the system.  It appears Selena has a bit more freedom than the others but more on that later.

The second image is the design for the Cybergirls who will be appearing as the various combat encounters.  Each has their own forms of peril that they will inflict upon the party when encountered. 

The third image is the design for the Escaped Bio-Entity that inhabits the Bio Lab on the ship.  Several cybergirls have fallen in their attempts to contain the breach and it is up to Selena and her friends to seal it away before it fully corrupts the ship.

The fourth and last image so far at the time of writing is the design for an On Map Event, The Automated Conveyor Belt Processor.  When triggered, it will start a combat sequence where the party will be quickly overwhelmed and processed as the Mana Batteries they are designated as.  

This On Map Event also presents a question I've pondered upon in terms of fetishes for a while and have created a Poll on it for opinions: Futa content.

This is a hit or miss for several games but a few people have asked me about it.  If the game were to include such content there would be a very obvious point in the game where it would ask the player if they want to see such content.  It would be disabled by default and the player would have to actively select to enable to content otherwise they would see the normal events.  This would double the amount of artwork but it is something I've wanted to experiment with for a while.  Please vote in the poll so I can see what people think on such an option.

In summary so far, The Collective Mothership will tentatively include:

-Zone Specific Outfits (Party will be wearing specific outfits in this zone due to their new 'roles')

-Zone Specific Combat (Potential:  Due to their roles, Mira and Hemmy are locked in Mana Nullifying collars as the ship perceives them as Mana Batteries.  Selena has Sub Admin privileges that allow her to control some aspects of the ship along with her own mana source.)

-New Enemies (3 Normal Enemies, 1 Boss, 1 Mini Boss, potentially more)

-New On Map Events (On Map Events and Story Events for the zone in group format and solo, character specific scenes)

-(Potential "Corruption" Mechanic:  The ship is in dire need of long overdue maintenance that Selena can provide; however, each time she falls in combat the ship attempts to pamper her more to persuade her to stay)

TLDR:  New Zone, New Theme.  There is a Poll on the inclusion of toggleable Futa Content in this zone (Disabled by default)

So far feedback on this zone has been fairly positive on Patreon where I have been posting updates after my Tues/Thurs/Sat Picarto Streams.

I have also been posting updates on my art twitter so be sure to follow them if you want more up to date progress updates.

Please comment below on your thoughts of this new zone and the poll if you'd like to provide additional feedback.

Thank you so much for supporting the project and reading these updates!  I hope you have a nice rest of your week.  Remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest!  Until next time.

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Just for clarification, would the trio be the ones futa-ized, the enemies, or both?

Both.  The Conveyor Belt On Map Event/Battle Sprites would include it on the party as another way to easily extract mana and the enemies would be sporting their own versions (though in this case more synthetic vs magic) in events with Selena/sprites.  

Currently, there is only plans on the Conveyor Belt On Map Event and some of the side events with Selena (Solo character images vs group game overs).  I'm not sure I will be including it with every single enemy that appears on this map and instead focus on specific occurrences.

(1 edit)

Would there be a way to toggle it? I would like to see the scenes with enemy futas but probably not the trio sporting long johns

That would allow more customization but I would need to do some programming tests to see how it goes.

Essentially I see it as variables that are saved based on User Input at the beginning of the stage (will make more sense later) that will determine which scenes are being shown.  Very similar to how the Khrono Tomb's On Map Events were being triggered depending on if different party members were caught during those segments.

Really like how the game is shaping up. I wasn't sure where you would take the game next since all the obvious areas are finished but I sure  wasn't expecting aliens.

Honestly, I'm fine with futa content but only really like it if the futa is the dominant one. For that reason I'd prefer the enemies to be the only futas and not the trio. Hopefully that's where you're taking this idea.

Still, if the doubling of atwork gets to be too much for you by all means either scrap the idea or add it in later on so you don't get burned out.

Since Selina seems to be the only one with actual freedom will she be the protagonist for this section?


Yeah, I need to see how the poll results turn out since if a majority of people would skip it then I can just draw artwork on my own time exploring this topic.  I tend to go a little overboard with drawing stuff (Side Events/On Map Events) but I enjoy doing it.

Selena will be taking a bit more of a protagonist role in this section since the other two have been designated as power sources giving a bit of world lore and more about Selena and her mana abilities.

OOh I like it! Keep up the good work!



Promising developments. Sci-fi isn’t something I seek out but the art looks good.

Changing the combat dynamics for the zone should be interesting. Keep things fresh during a play-through.

Futa content? Personally I have no strong feelings on the topic. I do however caution that getting bogged down in too much optional content, particularly the time and effort intensive art, will tank development speed.

Thanks! I'm hoping that the change from fantasy to sci-fi is a nice change of pace for some and allows the mana-tech to really shine in this section as capture devices thrive.  

I still need to test things for the combat dynamics but it should mix things up a bit and allow for this section to be tackled when the player wishes to do so. (Vs the somewhat linear path the zones have now)

I do appreciate the concern and this instance of optional content is one that would be more contained to this zone.  I've tried to avoid returning to previously finished content to 'fix/update' things as development speed would indeed tank; however, working it into the roadmap for this zone now allows me to know what I'm getting into.  Drawing 69 images for some of the 0.5.0 update was a lot of work but put out some fun stuff.  As a hobby project, speed isn't exactly super quick, but I will certainly consider what I'm getting into after the poll results come in.  If people are not interested it won't be something I'll be trying to put in if no one will particularly enjoy it.

Those robo-girls looks sexy,  especially our party very much looking forward to that. This area seems like it could have a lot of potential for certain perils depending on what you want to incorporate. Personally a xenomorph type tf would be great in here, but I’m sure you already have some good ideas as to what you want. As for futa content honestly not sure on that one if it’s going to double your art work load. That seems like it might be a bit too much. Regardless, keep up the great work.

PS: succubus monster girl squad when :p

Yeah! This area is one I've been wanting to get to for a bit so I'm happy to start working on it.  Itchio might not do a great job of visually showing that there are more images but there is a horizontal scroll bar to see more images in this post that shows the Escaped Bio-Entity which is going for that xenomorph type feel.

The additional content would be more work, but it would be exclusive to only an event or two rather than the entire game being reworked.  With the nature of the 3 person party, the game has already been tripled from the beginning so while it is more work, I hardly notice because of the fun drive to draw more smutty situations.

(Succubus at a later time)