Mira Co Rescue - Feb Pulse Check

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of progress reports per our usual schedule.  I've been working on an image set for Genshin Impact on my main art twitter for the last couple of weeks for a bit of practice and content that isn't game related.  I just finished up the last of the 6 Images that feature Mona in some latex encasement/peril and learned a bit about shading latex.  Still a bit to work on but is a step in the right direction.   (It appears there is a limit on images so be sure to check out the art twitter for the rest!)

Now that the Image Set is done, I should return my focus back to Mira Co Rescue; however, since we're in the middle of the week it may be best to plan a bit this week so I can start proper next week on progress.  I may try and keep doing side artwork while working on Mira Co Rescue assets as this fan art side project was quite refreshing.  I plan on doing more Image Sets for other Genshin Impact Characters and possibly Twitch related images of games I've been playing lately (RE7, Nioh 2).

Refocusing on 0.6.0 I believe the progress will be returning to the Desert Path to finish the content that was planned for there including the On Map Events and retrieving a maid from the Desert Bandits.  Since this project is fairly sporadic with its direction this might be a section of learning and testing systems that can be used in other areas/projects.  I'll post more on that later but things might be a bit experimental as we move forward.

Overall, we're at an interesting point for Mira Co Rescue's development.  We have 4 complete areas and hundreds of Battle Sprites, Game Over Images, and Side Events/On Map Events.  Most would consider this a full project already and have a goal in mind for stopping.  As a hobby project, I don't exactly have an overall roadmap to completion, just these milestone builds of the current goalpost that moves around each time.  As has been stated previously, this creates a sort of disjointed experience that is meandering around a bit but I am learning quite a bit for future stuff.  While the game has plenty of content that could occur I am wondering if I should rein things in a bit for a 'stopping point' and then continue creating content after release or just keep things moving forward adding content as it happens.

I've been streaming every Tues/Thurs/Sat on Picarto with several artists and steam Fri/Sun on Twitch for gaming/inspiration.  I tend to worry a bit, so the dangers of burnout are always present.  I think this time away from the game after the 0.5.0 milestone update has been good to sort of recharge a bit, but I'll need to see how things go getting back onto the bike of Game Dev since I haven't been in that constant mindset of peril ideas and game concepts.  

TL:DR, I did some fun art and now will be looking at returning to Game Dev and will update you on the progress soon.  I'll post a roadmap of 0.6.0 once things are a bit more fleshed out and focused in as to what it will contain.

I hope everyone is having a good month so far!  Remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.  

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Dude, what you have created so far is amazing! I feel like future builds could maybe focus on developing the story further and using farther parts of the map, but you do you man and you do it excellently. Seriously, this game is the best and I love you.

100% agree with this. Keep doing what you're doing, it's amazing!

Thanks!  I am doing my best to stay on track and continue providing more fun content.

Thank you so much!  The next section will focus a bit more on story for one of the characters and I plan on adding more to other sections of the game.