Mira Co Rescue 0.5.0b Milestone Build! [Bux Fix]


-Fixed some typos during the Limu Slime Shower Scene/Hitomi's store dialogue/Riddle Dialogue/Game Over Scenes
-Fixed some minor bugs in the Spider Girl Cave with events not disappearing properly
-Fixed a bug for instances where the player may have already defeated the mini boss of the Khrono Tomb causing an event to not display properly leading to the entire party remaining naked for the second half of the area.
-Fixed a bug where one of the On Map Event Riddles was showing the wrong images.
-Fixed a bug where the bowls remained after an On Map Event was completed.

-Fixed a bug where the Boss Game Over Scene didn't erase the last image.
-Fixed a bug where the Battle Sprites were being unlocked under the incorrect variable.

[New Content]

-Save 6 in the provided saves is immediately after the third area.  Use it to access the Khrono Tomb.

Here are the additions that were made since 0.3.0:

New Area: Desert Path (WIP - Will be updated in future WIP Update)

-Added 2 New Enemies with 12 new battle sprites (Both with nude variants)

New Area: Khrono Tomb (From old WIP Map to Complete)

-Added 1 New Enemy to the 3 currently available with 42 new battle sprites (3 Normal/Nude / 1 Nude Only)

-Added 3 New On Map Events for 54 New Images

-Added remaining game over images to the game for all current enemies for a total of 98 New Game Over Images

Overall, the game contains the following:

-127 Game Over Images over 21 Enemies (105 Base Images with 22 alternates/variations)

-216 Battle Sprites (6 are Normal/Naked base states)

-4 Complete Maps and 1 WIP (Missing On Map Events)

-2 Hub Areas for Side Events (Khrono Manor / Hopewell Landing)

-77 Side Event Images

-54 On Map Event Images

-(and 3 system images)

For a total of 489 items in the picture folder so far!

Details about the new build:

The newly revamped Khrono Tomb has new maps and On Map Events which trigger images and short scenes.  Be careful as you traverse the trap filled tomb in the search to find out why it has suddenly turned hostile to its owner.

[Dev Notes]

We've hit yet another milestone build of 0.5.0!

It has been quite the year but we are finally ready to release this build to everyone!  Hopefully this time it is relatively bug free; however, there always seems to be a few that crawl out from the shadows when everyone else is playing it. 

There are a few things that we were not able to get into the game that we've discussed in some earlier posts so I will detail them here.

The Desert Path is going to have On Map Events, a side area, and other content added in a future WIP Build update.  To trim the scope of 0.5.0 we focused on getting the On Map Events into the Khrono Tomb before working on the side area which acts as an inbetween area.  It will feature more art and the introduction of a new system which other levels may include as well.

[Current Plans]

Speaking of which, our current plans after this build is to fix any bugs that are reported in a timely manner and take a small break.  Over the last 2 months we created over 69 images for the game and need to take a small 'vacation' so to speak from the game to train up some skills and focus on improving things for the game.  I will most likely still be streaming art on Picarto but it may be unrelated to the game and instead be art practice/commissions/or Live2D rigging for Ankhrono-Tan as I will be making an updated model/new outfit for Monster Hunter Rise streams later this year.

In terms of Mira Co Rescue there is still plenty of content to come; however, we need to draw up a new roadmap for 0.6.0 before finalizing what we will be focusing on.

In terms of potential/planned items, the most immediate would be finishing the Desert Path with it's side area, on map events, and other surprises associated with it.  In addition, there are a few open items in terms of scenes that should be wrapped up as well (Limu Slime Visits/Vending Machine Mishap).  Creating more content for the Khrono Manor will also be a small focus as the next steps of the game will involve additional areas of the manor being unlocked after completing the Khrono Tomb.

After that, there are still several areas that could come to fruition: 

-A planned New Area that changes up the formula of combat and exploration and is its own section.

-A potential side area with more On Map Events with a sci-fi theme.

-A potential but obligatory Beach area.

-More Side Events for Mira, Hemmy, and Selena.
-And eventually, the end of Mira Co Rescue?

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read blog posts, post comments, downloaded, played the game, and otherwise interacted with me over the course of Mira Co Rescue's development.  It has been quite the journey and there is still plenty to come, but for now a bit of rest as we start planning once again for another milestone update.  

I hope everyone is staying safe out there, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest.  I hope you enjoy the new milestone build!  Until next time.


Mira Co Rescue 0.5.0 [Current] 395 MB
Jan 07, 2021

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Very good update ! Mira Co is alway my favourite porn game ! (and my girlfriend love it too, because the characters are so cute !)
Thanks you for your work !

Little suggestion, I think you should add possibility to replay the traps games (with the sphinx for example)

Thanks you and have a great day !

Thank you very much! I'm glad you both enjoyed it.

I was debating if I should add the On Map Events in the gallery as re-playable rooms.  I should be able to do so similar to how I did the Side Events for Hemmy and Selena.

I hope you have a great day as well!

(1 edit)

Is it possible to get the Halloween events in a new save?

Edit: Mo worries, found it under the stairs

(1 edit)

I wasn't expecting the new update to be posted so quickly, which happily surprised me! Thanks a lot for the new update, I can't wait to start playing it. I am happy to be finally supporting you on Patreon as well :D

Enjoy your vacation and take care!


I hope you enjoy the new update!  

Thanks so much for all the support!

I love this build! The new on map events do a good job helping to vary the game a bit.

I also saw that you took my suggestion to make the prisoners in the Mummy Girl GO the desert bandits. That was a neat surprise. Really made my day :)

Take a nice break and come back to development when you think you're ready. Until then, happy New Year.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Having other enemies appear in Game Overs is a fun way for some crossover.  

Hopefully it will be sooner than later but there are a few things I'd like to get done before fully diving back in to game development.  I hope you have a happy new year as well! : >

Bug Report:

1. In the gallery when I try to view the fruit images only it instead shows the quicksand tile images.

2. Not really sure if this counts as a bug or not but since I defeated Nebby in a previous build she did not appear in her chamber (I thought something was wrong and downloaded another version of .5.0 and played from save 6 to ). Since she was missing she didn't restore the group's clothes.

Luckily I got them back when I fought the Shadow Queen but it made the fights against the sarcophagi harder than what you probably intended them to be.

Thanks for the bug report.

As of 0.5.0b these should be fixed!

A Great game to bring in the new year, thank you !

Thank you! : >