Mira Co Rescue - 2020 Wrapup Post

Hello Everyone!

I'll keep this brief as we're working towards the completion of the 0.5.0 milestone build.

I apologize for the late wrapup report as the New Year has been productive and I kept forgetting to make a post.  

We just finished up programming for the 0.5.0 milestone build and have entered the bug testing phase.  As a milestone build I'd like to make sure that any game halting bugs are out before release (we've already encountered a few) and still need to clean up a few bits of dialogue and story.

I'm hoping that the bug testing phase won't be too long but it depends on what crawls out of the woodwork now that the Khrono Tomb can be played in its entirety from start to finish.  There were quite a few events added with some various alternate options that occur which just increases the potential for bugs and glitches.

Once bug testing is complete I will be releasing it into the wild and will be handling bug reports as they come in per usual.  We'll be taking a bit of a break afterwards to work on improving artwork and making a new Live2D model for Ankhrono-Tan for Monster Hunter Rise's streams in the future.  More details on WIP builds for the future once 0.5.0 is released.

As a recap of 2020, here are some things we accomplished:

-Added another Holiday Enemy: the Winter Solstice Present Mimics  (12 new battle sprites)

-Added Limu the Slime Event for Mira (Start of a chain.  5 Images)

-Added Battle Room to replay battles in the gallery

-Added Game Overs to All Enemies currently in the game (30 Images added in April / 10 for Desert Path Update / 5 Halloween Update)

-Added Desert Path Enemies: Rattlesnake Lamia and Desert Bandits (24 new battle sprites)

-Added Weakness System to combat.

-Added Side Events to Hemmy and Selena for a total of 48 new images across their events (Intro / Parts 1-3)

(With 0.5.0 build)

-Added boss to Khrono Tomb (12 new battle sprites)

-Added 54 On Map Event Images in the Khrono Tomb

-Added Game Overs to Khrono Tomb Enemies for a total of 33 images (some have alternates, 20 base images across 4 enemies)

For a total of 218 images across 48 new battle sprites, 78 game over images, and 87 event images.

I once again want to thank everyone who has downloaded/played/commented/viewed the project over the past two years!  It has been quite the journey making it and there is still plenty to do.

I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year!  Stay hydrated!  Until next time.

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