Mira Co Rescue - Winter Solstice Update 0.4.4

Hello Everyone!

In time for the winter holidays I bring you another festive update that adds the Winter Solstice Game Over scene!  I've modified the encounter to allow people who have previously defeated the Mysterious Presents found in the coffee room of the Khrono Manor to be fought again.  I hope you enjoy the festive holiday of fulfilling wishes for the mages of Mira Co Rescue!

Now that the Winter Solstice WIP Build is out I will be diving into the rest of the 0.5.0 Milestone Build programming.  All the current art assets have been completed so it is just a matter of writing/programming/designing maps for the Khrono Tomb.


-Some Art Edits such as adding fluids and alternatives that I didn't quite get to yet

-Face Images/Peril Status Icons

-Finish writing the scenes for the following Game Overs:  Mummy Girls, Gold "Nebby", Sarcophagus, Boss of Khrono Tomb

-Program and create maps for all the On Map Events

-Create all the maps for the Khrono Tomb including battle areas and puzzle areas

-Program the Khrono Tomb Boss Fight

-Update the Gallery with all the new On Map Events/Game Overs

I have some time off from work in the upcoming weeks so I will most likely be working on chipping away at this checklist; however, I am also trying to avoid burn out/crunch time as I've been going fairly hard at asset creation as of late.  I don't have a set date as to when the 0.5.0 Milestone Build will be out but I think it is safe to say it will be early towards the start of 2021.  Looking back on the year we've had quite a bit of progress in finishing most of the Work In Progress assets that were still in the game.  The only thing that I've left open is the Desert Path and some of Mira's Side Events that are sprinkled into various areas (vending machine/Limu Slime Girl).  Before fully moving onto what will be fully new after the 0.5.0 Milestone build I will probably take some time off and plan the next roadmap towards the next milestone build and beyond.

I hope everyone has a nice winter holiday and/or a fantastic couple of weeks!  This year has been pretty crazy but I wish that everyone has found a bit of relaxation and fun with the game's development and updates.  Here is to another year of development and we'll have to see what 2021 has in store for us soon.

Until next time!


Mira Co Rescue 0.4.4 WIP Winter Solstice Build 349 MB
Dec 23, 2020

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The new Game Over was great! It really softens the blow from not being able to get a Series X this year.

Happy Holidays Ankh!

Thanks Rickster!

Happy Holidays!