Mira Co Rescue - December Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

It's time again for the Monthly Progress Report!  A few days late from the mid month mark, but here we finished up the last of the 69 new images (On Map Events/Game Overs) for the 0.5.0 Milestone Build last night on the Picarto Stream!  Now that the images are complete I need to start writing out all the new scenes, program the On Map Events, program the boss, etc.  The next few weeks will be dedicated to doing all of that, but first I will be writing the Winter Solstice Game Over Scene and programming that into the game for another festive WIP Update in the meantime.  I'm hoping to get that out by the middle of the week but we'll have to see how my schedule goes.

Even though I'm not on a schedule, the last month has been a little crunchy as I've finished 15+ images in about 20 days (Thumbnails to Completion) so after the 0.5.0 Milestone Build I should probably pump the breaks a bit.  I'm thinking that the 0.5.0 Milestone Build will be out early next year but I'll probably be working on it over the next few weeks anyways with the holiday season coming up.

After the 0.5.0 Milestone Build I am thinking of taking a bit of a break to work on improving my artwork a bit.  Although I've certainly become faster at drawing and getting art assets done, I believe there are still areas I could greatly improve upon.  I've never really asked for feedback on how the current art assets are looking, but looking at the first area's sprites and where we are at today has a bit of fluctuating consistency.  Any feedback on how the game's art assets are would be greatly appreciated as the criticisms I have for myself as an artist may differ from what players experience.

Anywho, I'll create another Dev Blog once the Winter Solstice WIP Update is Live so I will talk to you all again soon!  I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a fun holiday week/winter week!

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Cant wait ! Looking forward to it !