Mira Co Rescue - November Wrapup Report

Hello Everyone!

It's time for the Monthly Wrapup Report once again!  This month we got all the On Map Events finished up (54 Images) and are currently working on the remaining 15 Game Over Images.  So far I've completed 2 of the Mummy Girl Game Over Sequence; however, it may take the longest as there are three parts that have 13 characters in it (See Preview Image For Example/Spoilers).  Once the Mummy Girl Game Over is completed I will be moving on to the Winter Solstice Game Over and will aim to get it out in time for the holidays for another WIP build before the milestone build.

I have all the remaining Game Overs' thumbnails completed so it is only a matter of working through the images and finishing them up.  With how progress is going I don't have any specific dates in mind yet but it seems like the 0.5.0 Milestone build may take until early next year to release.  After I get all the images done there is still some system images to complete (state icons) and some other character sprites to do, but a majority is programming and writing the Game Over Sequences.  

As a reminder to anyone new, I'm just a solo dev working on all this between a day job so progress isn't always super fast, though I try to get progress updates twice a month on itchio and three times a week on Patreon (typically after the evening streams on Picarto every Tues/Thurs/Sat).

I've also started to stream games on Twitch with my picarto stream partner Pixel_Butts in between working on Game Development to relax a bit.  I also play coop games with my wife as well.  I use the VTuber Mascot Ankhrono-Tan during streams as I research new ideas for peril drawings/gameplay.

It has been two years now for this project and I haven't been doing too much to try and signal boost/advertise it to the world.  Once the next Milestone build is out I might aim to share it more as the game will have 4 complete areas and tons of side content to check out for anyone new to the project.  I greatly appreciate all the support I've had over these two years and look forward to creating more content for the game and beyond.

Thanks again for checking out the progress of Mira Co Rescue!  I hope you all have a nice rest of your week.  Until next time!

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i agree you are working so hard you should take a break and try getting more people to help you

After releasing 0.5.0 you should take some time off.