Mira Co Rescue November Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again, the Monthly Progress Report!  So far this month we're making great progress on the remaining images for the 0.5.0 milestone build.  We're 52/54 On Map Event Images as of this post and will be finishing the last two On Map Events during Thursday's Picarto stream.  Afterwards we'll be moving on to the remaining 3 Game Over Sequences with (at least) 15 remaining images.

Once the Game Over Images are complete it will be a bit of programming and writing before the 0.5.0 milestone build launches but we're getting even closer to that launch : >

I hope everyone is staying safe out there!  As a reminder I stream every Tues/Thurs/Sat at 4PM CDT on picarto!  I've been making quite a few different stream card images and Ankhrono-Tan has a little desk she hangs out behind.  Be sure to swing by or just check out the stream screen cap for how things look.

Until next time!

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Oh yea! Keep on going m8 really excited to see this game! Especially it has a quicksand event! Whoooo!!

Doing my best to keep on keeping on!


When some NSFW artist is making more progress on their game than YandereDev, a guy with much more supporters and money. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Either way, great job!


Thank you so much!


me to i cant wait to play it


: >

your doing great on this game i hope it great in the future and just saying hi

Woooo, that's amazing! You're doing such a great job and I'm LOVING every single thing you add and plan! Fingers crossed for smooth finish of the 0.5.0 build, I can't wait to try it. <3