Mira Co Rescue - October Wrapup Report

Hello Everyone!

It's time for the Monthly Wrapup Report once again.  This month we've been working on the On Map Events for the Khrono Tomb and I currently have 25 out of 69 Images completed thus far.  We released the Halloween Game Over for a Halloween Update and created the new mascot for the Game Account, Ankhrono-Tan.  Things are progressing smoothly for the most part and I've been able to get one of the On Map Events finished each week on streams so I am hoping to get the remaining 3 events wrapped up in November.  Then it'll be the remaining 3 Game Over Events before all the artwork will be completed for 0.5.0

I hope everyone had a good spooky season.  We're nearing the winter season where things can get a bit more somber.  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  Be sure to talk to people if you're feeling down and know that you are not alone.  Until next time.

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25 out of 69 images done?




You too Stay healthy and Safe~