Mira Co Rescue - Halloween Update 0.4.3b

(0.4.3b Update: Bug Fix that reverted the unlock conditions for the Desert Bandits/Rattlesnake Lamia Game Overs from the unreleased Boss of the Khrono Tomb back to the currently released mini-boss (Gold Statue - "Nebby") / Properly added the "Mana Surge" abilities for 100TP for each character (animations to be updated later).

(0.4.3a Update:  Bug Fix that removed some of the WIP On Map Event Test Rooms!  If you found them, sorry for the confusion!)

Hello everyone!

In time for Halloween, I bring a spooky update that adds the Halloween Game Over Scene to the game along with some bug fixes.

Progress going well for the Khrono Tomb On Map Events as well!  I got one scene finished already and have 14 of the 69 new images completed!  Once the On Map Events are complete we still have the three remaining Game Over Images, though after that we'll be wrapping up the 0.5.0 Milestone update!  While I have no idea how long this will all take, I am hoping to get the milestone update done either this year or early next year.  With the Holiday Season coming up I am unsure if work will pick up or slow down so Game Development may be a bit variable.

I hope everyone has a safe but spooky few weeks coming up! Until next time.


Mira Co Rescue 0.4.3 WIP Halloween Build 347 MB
Oct 26, 2020

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Question: Is the Halloween event itself in the 0.4.3a build, or are we limited to the parts in the Gallery?

The developer simply added the game over for Sophia. He added the fight itself last Halloween but didn't have the time to draw the game over for the boss. Same goes for the presents boss fight. That game over is planned to be added in the big 0.5.0 update coming at the end of the year/early next year.

Will the characters have a voice in the future? or will they make a sound? it would be perfect !

I dont know if it's a bug, or maybe not yet implemented into the game... in the Khrono tomb when you go the Golden pillar an event started after that cloud started to push you into the 1st row of traps, it's amazing, it is, but....when I stepped on the traps on the second row they dont activate or even when I reached the end of the traps....is it a bug? Or is not implemented yet?



I forgot to turn off some of the testing I'm doing for On Map Events... I'll need to turn that off haha!  Thanks for letting me know :0

aight =w=

 really want to see how great this will be in the final progress~

GoodLuck Dev~

Love the new GO. Very festive for this time of year.

You might want to add a journal or something to give us a summary of characters' backstories as I felt I was missing out on some info with Sophia. I don't remember her from your DA account like Webby but she kept referring to Mira as her "rival" so I'm curious about their history together.

I'm half-expecting their "rivalry" to be one-sided on Sophia's part tbh :)


I will take that into consideration as there is a bit of backstory I can do through notes/journals/books that are lying around the world.  In universe backstory could be added to a hub zone that is more just story stuff as the Metusela Academy Tree has always been on the map but you just walk over/past it to get to Hopewell Landing (The Coastal City).

Control over fabric vs control over ghost/spirits is somewhat one sided.  Sophia would have to replace Mira's clothes to ever have the upper hand, though wearing spirit clothing also means Sophia is technically always naked.

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So that's what that tree on the map is. Kinda thought it was just planned  future treetop area. Was racking my brain trying to figure out what enemies could be there. Harpies? Doesnt matter lol.

I kinda meant why are they rivals/how the rivalry started? That sorta thing.

I also meant that I suspected Sophia saw herself as Mira's rival but Mira didn't feel the same way. Similar to "Speed of Sound Sonic" and Saitama from One-Punch man but without the massive power gap.