Mira Co Rescue October Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

Making steady progress with the On Map Events for the Khrono Tomb!  I've finished the concepts/gestures for all 69 images that will be added for the Khrono Tomb to have a bit of combat and exploration for the new map.  There may be more added to the map(s) as we go beyond 0.5.0 but for now that seems like a decent place to start.

I will be working on these throughout October and will be uploading a new build for Halloween that will include the Halloween Game Over and various bug fixes for some festive fun for the end of the month.  The above image is some of the 'results' that can occur if various members of the party fall into the quicksand tile trap but the rest (or none) of the team makes it to the end of the puzzle area.

After the On Map Events we still have the following:

-Game Overs for Mummy Girls, Gold "Nebby" and the Winter Solstice.

After all that is finished up we will finally be launching 0.5.0 and see where the future takes us.  It is still early to say what/where I would focus next for the game; however, we are already at the following statistics for the game as a whole:

-216 Battle Sprites (Includes 6 normal/naked sprites for the party for a total of 210 unique battle sprites for perils)

-90 Game Over Images (+27 Khrono Tomb/Halloween Game Over Images)(+~15 Game Over Images for Remaining Game overs for 0.5.0) for a eventual total of 132 Game Over Images (Some are variants, 21 Enemies with 5 Game Over Images for 105 Unique Game Over Images and about 27 variants (Full Opacity/Transparency)

-77 Side Event Images (+69 On Map Images for Khrono Tomb) for a total of 146 Side Event/On Map Events

-(3 System Images)

For a grand total of 497 Images total in the game so far....  (or 470 Unique Images in the game)

The Current Game File for 0.4.2c is 342MB as a ZIP file and ~440MB Unpacked.  The one thing that is both partially good and somewhat bad is there isn't really a 'scope' for this game.  What started as sort of a hobby project has turned into a 2 year project that I work on in my free time.  There are plenty of areas that I could do with lots of different fetishes/perils that I've barely scratched the surface of.  Some themes have remained somewhat prevalent throughout development such as tentacles and bondage but there is still stuff I could do.

Although I'm a solo dev doing the art and programming I would argue that I am more of an artist than programmer.  I try to do a few things with the programming but nothing too fancy and I draw what I hope is a decent amount of artwork for the game that people enjoy.  I am still unsure what the true 1.0.0 build of Mira Co Rescue would look like but I am also wondering what the future of the project should be nearing the two year mark.  Is this a good stopping point and a sequel be made or is Mira Co Rescue just a huge, ongoing project that just keeps going.  Since I am the only one working on it hopefully it wouldn't suffer from too many programming errors as content increases but there is already quite a lot in the game as is.  Would taking a break from Mira Co Rescue after 0.5.0 and working on another concept game be a good idea/change of pace or just keep this train rolling.  I am a bit curious what people think at this point.  Please feel free to comment or supply feedback as to how the project is going.  

Thanks for reading this far as well!  I hope you have a nice rest of your week!  Until next time.

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I personally don't think this has overstayed its welcome, for me it can stay as long as it likes. just remember to drink water when you feel tired, it normally helps.

I am totally happy with how this going on. I don't believe it has overstayed its welcome, all the contrary, I feel myself checking your social media and this page more often and I feel it would be marvellous to have more content like the one you already made for this game <3

Sounds good! Thanks for the support. : >

Honestly, I don't think that this game could ever overstay its welcome. Games of this nature are hard to find at this level of quality and I absolutely love playing this.


Thanks!  I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying it so far!

Honestly still think there is plenty you can continue to do, even sticking with the basic peril formula. Most of us are here for the art (and story) anyway so more of that is always welcome. I do second the sentiment that it would be nice to finish off or flesh out the side quests. Still personally hoping we get to turn our trio into sexy succubi via succ or bust but you should do you, just know that we are still interested in whatever you decide.

; > We'll have to see what is in store for the trio once we get past this update.


I'm fine with this going on. I don't think its overstayed its welcome. We need moar slimes afterall.

True!  Limu must make her return!


Before you start a sequel you should probably finish the quest lines you've started. I'm alright with the main story ending at the Khrono Tomb but please finish up the side quests. I'd also like to see what those games that the mysterious sniper talked about in her Game Over are about.

As for whether or not you should take a break after 0.5.0 that should honestly be decided by you. I can understand feeling burnt out after working on this project for the last two years and if you need to take a break and do something else in the meantime go ahead.

All I ask is that if you make another, probably smaller game in the meanwhile please actually finish it or you may become another indivi. I like their games but they never seem to finish them. 


What I guess I mean more is I'm not burnt out in terms of the project length but I am concerned/wondering if the game concept/lifespan is overstaying its initial welcome.  There isn't a whole lot of innovation in terms of perils being presented in a game format but I certainly don't mind continuing making peril for the game.  It strikes a nice balance of individual art and group art that keeps me focused.

I'd like to do more with what the sniper references before it comes to a close for sure.  Other areas are more or less bonus areas that haven't been referenced at all.  

I'm not sure if I want to make a different, side game or not as it would need concepts/programming/solid foundation before pursuing something.  I assisted someone in making a one on one character battle game with changing art but they have become busy with job pursuits since starting.  Some of the things I learned by helping them are things I'd like to apply to future games if I ever get there but are too late to rework into Mira Co Rescue.  


Oh, that's what you meant.

Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with how the perils are currently implemented and haven't gotten bored of the format.

Plus, you've mentioned playable game overs for the desert bandits and hinted at the same thing with the mysterious sniper. That should help to spice things up if you're worried about things going stale.

I'd recommend setting up a design doc where you can map out your vision for a 1.0. Once that is laid out just work on getting to that point without adding much extra. 

Also, this started as a passion project so don't sweat any critiques on content as it is ultimately up to you. just find out what you want and achieve it.