Mira Co Rescue September Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

Still making progress towards 0.5.0 and finished up the Sarcophagus Game Over sequence and am about 3/5 of the way done with the Halloween Game Over.

Afterwards I may take a short break to mix things up a bit by opening up commissions.  I have been doing fan art on my art twitter for various things and it is a nice change of pace from constantly doing Game Assets.

After that, I plan on working on the Desert Path On Map Events to hopefully round out what has been done so far by Halloween so I can at least upload a build that includes the Halloween Game Over and a more, if not fully, completed Desert Path.  

Once the Desert Path is complete, we still need:

-Game Overs for Mummy Girls, Gold "Nebby", and the Winter Solstice.

-On Map Events for Khrono Tomb

I hope everyone is doing well!  Monster Hunter Rise was announced today so it has been an interesting day!  As a reminder I do picarto streams every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (unless IRL events come up) where I mostly stream what I am currently working on for the game.  Next week may be commissions so we will see what happens.  Until next time!

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Thanks for the update.

I'd actually suggest saving the Winter Solstice game over for a few months down the road when it's actually holiday season, just to keep with the seasonal theme. 

But you're the developer, and if you really want to make sure all you're current content is complete (something I can relate to as a completionist) or you don't think that you'll be able to work on the game in December due to IRL commitments, do what you think is best.

I look forward to the end product regardless.