Mira Co Rescue - August Wrapup Report

Hello everyone!

(It appears I completely forgot to do a mid month report! Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.  The project is still alive and making updates)

August was mostly getting the Boss Sprites finished along with their Game Over Sequence.

We are currently working on the Sarcophagus Game Over and are Lining/Base Coloring them.  This game over features a few alternative views/parts due to the nature of the Sarcophagus Lids/Interior at various points.  Afterwards I was thinking of moving onto the Halloween Enemy Game Over since October is approaching and I'd like to get that updated in time for Halloween.

Making steady progress on the milestone build but still plenty to go:

-Game Overs for Mummy Girls, Gold "Nebby", Winter Solstice, (and Halloween)

-On Map Events for Desert Path (May include new battle sprites for an encounter)

-On Map Events for Khrono Tomb

I hope everyone is doing well! There was a week vacation this month which is why the progress was not as substantial due to a family reunion.  I am hoping to get these 2 game over sequences finished and perhaps do the Desert On Map Events to finish out that area from a WIP map to a 'complete' one.

Till next time!

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The new images look superb, thank you so much for making such an awesome game, I got so in love with the desert bandits and their bondage techniques <3 I personally really liked how one of them used one of the socks of Selena to gag her :D

Those images up there have got me really excited for the next update!

Khrono Tomb is the area I've been lazer-focused on since I first discovered this game; I've especially wanted to see the Mummy Girl Game Over. Still it does make sense to complete the Halloween boss in time for October, so do what feels right to you. Either way, I'll have something to look forward to.

Sounds like a good plan. If the whole .5.0 update isn't ready by halloween you can just upload Sophia's GO and take you're time with the rest of the update.

Looking forward to next update !