Mira Co Rescue - July Wrapup Report

Hello everyone!

(I've posted the rough sketches as a preview, spoilers for those who don't want to see the boss yet)

July was another update month where we added Hemmy and Selena's Side events along with 2 more Game Over sequences.

Work on the boss of the Khrono Tomb is already underway as I am finishing up the Normal/Naked Battle Sprites and Enemy Sprite.  Afterwards I'll be working on their Game Over sequence before moving onto another item for the 0.5.0 milestone build.

Remaining Items:

-Game Overs for Mummy Girls, Sarcophagus, Gold "Nebby", Winter Solstice, and Halloween.

-On Map Events for Desert Path

-On Map Events for Khrono Tomb

I hope everyone is having a good time with the update and is having a decent summer.  It has been nice enough to go biking with the extreme humidity lifting for a little bit so that is nice.  Until next time!

Forgot to ask, since I am tackling things one at a time when it comes to progress, should I be uploading periodic WIP builds that add things in piece by piece per usual or wait for more substantial updates (Battle Sprites/Game Over done, on map events)?

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do you have messenger or discord? (just asking)


i saw the 2 new ending they are pretty good and the 2 side events is good to i like the ending and the side events.

when is it going to come out and my birthday is in 6 more  (i am having a early birthday and my sisters birth day on the same day that is it cya

There currently is not a schedule for releases and there is still a lot of work to be done for 0.5.0's release.  I hope you and your sister have a nice birthday though!

same here

I'd rather wait a little longer to get a bigger update.

As always, I look forward to seeing your progress. I refresh your page every day to see if there is a new patch for me to run through <3 I adore your work and your writing.

Hey you can use RSS feed to see updates here !

Thank you for your support!