Mira Co Rescue - June Progress Wrapup

Hello Everyone!

Nearing the end of all the May Progress build items and just have the Rattlesnake Lamia Game Over images to complete before I begin programming and writing all these scenes into the game.  I'm hoping to get the Rattlesnake Lamia Game Over images done this week and get a build out the following week but that is a tentative schedule.  Since this weekend is a long weekend due to the 4th of July I am hoping to get this leg of the WIP build complete and begin planning the next wave of updates towards 0.5.0

To Recap, here is what still needs to be completed:

-Boss Battle Sprites/Game Over

-On Map Events for Desert Path/Khrono Tomb

-Mummy Girls/Sarcophagus/'Nebby' Gold Statue Game Overs

-(2 Holiday Enemy Game Overs: Optional, but open item for all remaining WIP items to be finished)

One of the open items to work on still revolves around the On Map Events for the Desert Path/Khrono Tomb.  I am thinking that many of the Khrono Tomb map events would relate to the classic trigger traps and curses one may find in fantasy tombs with various perils.  

Elements like this could vary in how they are presented.  Triggering incorrect solutions to puzzles may trigger traps, stepping on bad tiles while dodging enemies, stuff like that.  

There are also possible on map events that could trigger combat that only lasts a certain amount of turns before the party is fully caught.  For example, falling into an antlion pitfall trap and slowly sinking into the center.  Another room could potentially add levels of a status effect each time you walked on a certain tile and you would hit a cap/lose enough health in the room.  I'd like to avoid time limits as those are never super fun in any game.

If people have things they'd like to see in the tomb feel free to suggest things since I am curious to see if there are things people would like to see in a peril game such as this with an Egyptian theme.

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i like the trap that you are going to add and i  hope you a good day/week

I love the ideas of the traps and curses, they sound like fun! Moreover, I find the idea of the limited turn combat very interesting and attractive :D

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I suggest doing something involving the frog from that comic you posted on DA about how Mira met Hemmy. I'm kinda curious about how that scenario was going to play out and this seems like the perfect opportunity to continue it.

I'm always up for more mummification content but I assume that you want to vary the fetishes in the game and already have two enemies that wrap up the trio (possibly three if the tomb's boss includes mummification).

There is always the classic Anubis

Maybe a snake hypno trap and choose whether or not the women fall to it or not?

Fair warning that I will be biased towards more transformation type content and as a result post bad-end content involving said transformations as well. I like the ideas you have proposed and agree that time limits tend not to work out very well when implemented so another solution may be necessary. Since this area already has more of a desert/Egyptian theme to it maybe adding a Nile like river nearby might give you more options to work with, would love to see some croc girls myself (or maybe save those for a sewer level?). For the most part though I have enjoyed the peril’s you have chosen to add into the game and trust you to do what you think is best although having said that I will always support more mongirl/transformation type stuff.

PS: I really hope the name of the sex toy shop in the city is a hint of things to come ;)

That antlion pit sounds interesting. And not because it might tickle the fancy of one of my fetishes. But I do agree with you for the time limits. They never fail to stress me out, and in certain situations, I have a hard time enjoying the game when rushed. Perhaps instead of a time limit, there could be a sort of "choice limit". Like trying to solve a puzzle to get out of a trap, but every wrong answer brings your game over fate closer and closer.
As for what else to see in an Egyptian themed area...hmm. You already have a few of the common ones, like mummies and sarcophagus. I guess maybe quicksand would fit in? Or perhaps if you want to have more puzzle elements, maybe a Sphinx enemy/obstacle. They could be blocking the way forward, or maybe a secret area with some useful items. You'll have to answer their questions correctly to proceed, but if you get their questions wrong, they'll swallow your party whole. There could be noticeable details throughout the tomb area that the questions could be about. Or maybe questions about other enemies, so that you're more encouraged to fight and learn about them. Or instead of getting one question wrong and you're done, you could have three chances. One for each party member. And for each one wrong, you'll lose a member to the Sphinx. And you can try to get them back by getting other questions right.
Ah, I'm rambling with ideas again. Sorry about that.