Mira Co Rescue - June Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

I just finished up all 24 images for Hemmy's Side Event!  The next thing I'll be moving on to next will be Selena's Side Event with 24 images as well.

We're halfway through the May Workload of 58 new CG images and halfway through June already.  I was wondering if people would prefer that I keep moving forward with art asset creation or if I should take some time now to work on the writing portion of these scenes and get them implemented into the game.  It would be a slight change of pace from the artwork I've been working on that I could either do now or later.  There hasn't been a new build in a bit so getting this content in may be a good WIP build to tide people over with for now while we work through the remaining 29 images and then move on to the next batch of assets.

To review what still needs to be done:

-29 CG Images (24.5 Side Event CGs and 5 CGs for the Rattlesnake Lamia Game Over)

-On Map Events for Desert Path / Khrono Tomb - Undetermined amount of CGs

-12 Battle Sprites for Boss of Khrono Tomb

-Mummy Girls / Sarcophagus / 'Nebby' Gold Statue / Boss Game Over (20 Game Over CGs)

-(2 Holiday Enemy Game Overs: 10 CGs) - Optional for the remaining WIP items to be finished.

Making steady progress towards the next milestone build of 0.5.0  I hope everyone is staying safe out there and is having a nice summer if weather is permitting!  Until next time!

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Hey, does your game is inspired by Abyss Cave ? I have played it, and there is the same battle mecanics (with transformation, rescue and rescue point...)
Do you know any other game with this mecanics ?


Yes, Abyss Cave is one of the biggest inspirations of Mira Co Rescue.  Noir Castle makes a few games with similar mechanics but feature fetishes that are more themed around tickling.  Here is a link to their Twitter.  Abyss Cave also got a recent English Translation which makes it even more accessible for everyone.  Their other game, Divirtual!, features two characters as well vs their more recent title that only has one character.  You can find links to their games being sold on their pinned post of their latest game scheduled for mid August this year.

The other game with more 'rescue' related mechanics would be Moral Sword Asagi made by Ahriman.  Their twitter page has their DLSite link listed in their profile.  That game features four characters with various bondage related perils and such.  Other games would include Marimo's games such as Sneak In Desperada and Signal Forces.  Fair warning though, they do a lot of ryona and harder fetishes.  These examples are similar but not identical in mechanics though, just inspirations.

Oh, thanks you !
Yes, I've just tried the english version of Abyss cave, this is realy good !
I've looking for all this game, thanks you !

Where can I download Abyss cave?

Noir Castle has a sub twitter that they posted the game there on.  It should be the first, none pinned post.

In english, the game is on tfgamesite, translated by "saltyjustice"

Are you making more content for the sex shop?

A Side Event will be taking place there in this next update.  More content will happen there as well in future updates.

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Who doesn´t love a good story?


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no problem i can wait be careful maybe its not safe outside

Do whatever is more conveniant for you. I, personally, am fine with either option.

Knowing that you are steadily progressing is good enough for me, very excited for the new update but I can afford to wait. A change of pace on your workload might be a good idea if you find yourself getting worn down by all of the art creation but I think you should be the one to decide those things. Keep up the good work and stay safe out there.