Mira Co Rescue - May Progress Recap

Hello Everyone!

Still working hard on the May Progress build items and have got the Desert Bandits Game Over images completed and have started on Hemmy's Side Events next as voted for on Patreon.

I've completed all the sketchwork for Hemmy's Side Event and am currently going through Lines and base color before moving on to shading/completion.

In addition I have begun sketch work on Selena's Side Events as the Rattlesnake Lamia Game Over is currently in Rough Sketch phase with a few missing details that will be added in before moving to lines/base color as well.

I'm hoping that I will be able to get through this current list of images before the end of June but I am not setting any specific dates yet as things have been pretty wild as of late.  

In terms of open items on the way to 0.5.0:

-Boss Battle Sprites/Game Over

-On Map Events for Desert Path/Khrono Tomb

-Mummy Girls/Sarcophagus/'Nebby' Gold Statue Game Overs

-(2 Holiday Enemy Game Overs: Optional, but open item for all remaining WIP items to be finished)

Still quite the list to go, but once we reach 0.5.0 it will mark the completion of all current Work In Progress areas.  While the game itself has plenty that can be added, it will be a nice milestone to reach without any nagging feelings that there are still things I need to finish up before moving on again.  I hope everyone is staying safe out there!

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Great ! Can't wai for the 0.5 !