Mira Co Rescue - May Progress to 0.5.0

Hello everyone!

Another month and another progress update!  In the month of April we got two new enemies added with their normal/naked sprites into the game along with a WIP new area, The Desert Path.

During the first week of May I took some time off from work and did a bit of planning/setup for the rest of the month.  The result of this week was gesturing out the Side Events for both Hemmy and Selena who will each have an Intro Scene and 3 Additional Scenes across 24 images (1/7/8/8).

In addition, I gestured out the Game Over for the Desert Bandits and Rattlesnake Lamia for a total of 58 new images to complete.  I still have the Khrono Tomb Enemies' Game Overs to do along with making the Boss with her normal/naked battle sprites as well which would be another 20 Game Over CGs to work through.  (10 More for the Holiday Enemy Game Overs)

Overall, that would be 78 CGs for the next milestone build excluding the 10 Holiday Enemy Game Overs, 24 battle sprites, 1 boss sprite, and some additional On Map Events for the Khrono Tomb and an Area that one of the Game Overs in this segment will lead to.

Still quite a few things to work on as we move forward but a large chunk of the upcoming CGs are single character for Side Events so they shouldn't take too long, but we'll have to see how it goes.

This raises the question that has been the topic of a few forum discussions as of late:  Playable Bondage/Game Over Situations.

An area has always been planned that was hinted towards the end of a Game Over that has been in since Emma's Garden.  With the addition of the Desert Bandits and their Game Over it presented a good excuse to test programming for this type of situation that I have been putting off each release as we worked through the 'normal' stages.  The party will find themselves in the hideout of the Desert Bandits in preparation for who purchased them during the Game Over scene that occurs if you lose to them.  You'll need to figure out how to escape along with saving a Maid who is also trapped there.  Currently, this is a rabbit hole that I can see becoming a potential issue as it currently breaks up the established gameplay so far.  One approach to this would be having on map events occurring while exploring the map for means to escape and failing would result in furthering events towards the 'Game Over' of the segment which would result in potentially using the Ankhrono to revert to a state before you got a Game Over (Final) or even before this segment occurs.  

Upon losing to the Desert Bandits, there could be a dialogue that asks the players if they want to play this segment of the game or just retry the battle they were on like usual.  If a player managed to escape/save the maid as well I'm not sure if it would dump them back into this playable segment or if the option would also appear to skip it.  Successfully escaping without seeing any side events would per usual unlock the scenes in the Gallery for those who don't want to 'lose' or use the Ankhrono to revert.  This raises another question of offering a way for the player to get to this area without losing which would result in more combat related events to save the maid instead.  

This is typically something that is established when first setting up a game overall as programming it mid stream can create all sorts of issues.  I'm curious if I would be able to do something like this with the game; however, I know I am quickly approaching Spaghetti Code hell that I've been trying to avoid for the most part keeping things relatively simple for myself to work on alone.  I would greatly appreciate a few opinions as this would potentially change timelines and plans but would also be a huge timesink for a feature not many are really interested in.

TL:DR - Would you want the ability to have a segment of the game where you are in a "Game Over" bondage situation and need to escape (Would add longer development for the current milestone), or just keep it all in Game Over CGs like it currently is?

I hope everyone is staying safe out there and is able to relax a bit!  Thanks again for all the support and comments!

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Hey, I'm in absolute and complete love with your game! I've never seen one with this much work and detail in it, and just nothing like it in general. And while yeah, the NSFW stuff is nice, I honestly find it fun. I know that just about everyone has already said it, but the interactive game over should wait until everything's good. I believe in you, and thanks for being amazing! (Hemmy's feckin adorable btw)

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I like the current game over style. Also you are like an update- machine, so maybe keep your effort at this level and do not rise it. Seriously, your update intervall is high, so don´t overdo it. Don´t get me wrong, by the time you finished the game, it would be great to imlement playable game overs. 

Also the game is like entering my top 3 favorites due to the lamia Unbirth, so i will gladly donate some for the next demo, your effort must not be in vain...


I like the idea of playable Game Overs. Someone else said you should put them on the backburner for now until the game is closer to being finished and I agree. Set yourself realistic goals and do them piecemeal so you don't burn out. But it's a great concept, I hope you'll add them eventually.

Thanks for the feedback!  Looking at just this milestone goals it is plenty to do already, so putting the Game Over concepts on the backburner till later is probably for the best.  I might poke at the code a bit for a bit of palate cleansing between all the art, but it'll probably not be complete by the upcoming milestone.

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Thank you so much for keeping us up date with the development, your game is the only one that I check and comment regularly <3 About your question, in my opinion, this is one of the best games I have ever play from this genre, all the battlesprites (I haven't seen any other game has this amount of battlesprites actually haha), all the game over scenes, everything looks marvellous and we, the players, can see the passion and love you put to this project. I would be 100% happy if you keep making the game the way you have been making it until now. So, I think you don't need to add any  Spaghetti Code complicated stuff to the game. Nevertheless, it would be totally welcome if you end up adding it, but I love the game the way it looks now!

By the way,  do you plan to make a patreon page? :D

Sorry for the long text, I hope you are doing well and that you are safe. I have already paid for the game, but I like it so much that I want to donate some more money to you in the near future for all the effort you are making <3


Keeping everyone more up to date on the project helps keep me on track as well.  Thank you so much for your review!  I think it will be a good idea to go about new stuff for Game Overs but will put it on the back burner for this milestone update.

I just created a Patreon page if you are still interested in it.

No worries! I appreciate the feedback that people leave for me on these types of posts.  While I am sorta just doing my own thing I do listen to feedback and interests of those playing it!  I'm doing all right and hope you are staying safe as well!  Thanks again for all your support!

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Awesome! Thank you so much for sending your Patreon link, I am very glad you decided to create one :D
By the way, I totally love the desert bandits, all the battlesprites and their design are gorgeous.  You did an amazing job with them <3

I am glad you are safe and doing well!


I like the idea of playable Game Overs, but I think it would be better off to wait until the game is closer to being finished.

Yeah, seems like it sounds like a good idea to look into, but best reserved until later.  Thanks for the feedback!

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NO don't go for it, too many stuff do to will eventually make your Burn Out you body badly, so don't push yourself too hard, your should just Focus on the Story make it more deep and more interactions with the others characters to make the game more fun and not too repetitive, also make different Route like Good or Corrupt/Evil Endings. btw please be Safe and Healthy

I'm doing my best not to burn out and am taking breaks and such to rest.  Burn out is a serious risk for any project but things are still quite enjoyable to work on.  Hopefully with the additional side events going in there will be more context to who these characters are and their status in the world. 

I'm trying to keep a Good / Other Endings part of the game; however, a lot of it won't really be apparent until much later.  I hope you are staying safe and healthy too!

Playable "game overs" sound fun, go for it. Happy to wait a bit longer for more playable content :)

Thanks for the feedback!  I'll be looking into the possibilities a bit more.

the game is lovely but a bit repetitive every update "new cg, new game over" very few events (oh geez, not that i'm complaining! i love these cg or battle sprites every update... new desert bandits >>>> XD ) so i'm all in for a distress situation.
to be fair, i'm not a fan of "collect this to avoid this" but more of a "don't get yourself caught or beaten".
The game is already fun and whatever you will decide, it WILL be good, trust me. :)

There will be more side events being added in which will be a bit of a mix up, but essentially just more art than mechanics I suppose.  I'll try and keep the method of getting around a situation not as cut and dry but we'll have to see how programming goes.

Thanks for the feedback!

... ooof! Make sure not to burn out your wrist.

I would love the playable Game Over scenario that you're talking about. I like to think of myself as a patient person so I'm willing to wait longer for the update  if it means we get more content. That said, if the implementation of it all gets too complicated for you then by all means either postpone it until you feel like tackling it again or just scrap it entirely.

One alternative way to go about rescuing the maid, if you decide to scrap the playable GO would be start the scenario out as an on-map event. Like, the trio fall for a trap or they let themselves get captured in a plan to rescue the maid.

I am doing my best to do lots of stretches and take breaks!

I think I might poke at some of the possibilities while working on the next update but probably won't have it as a feature before launching the next milestone.

Yeah, depending on what I can figure out there would be opportunities to approach it like that.  Possibly getting captured on purpose vs waltzing right in and trying to dismantle the place and whatnot.

do you meen game overs you can play in that wood be coo

Yeah, it would sort of be a situation where you would play out either escaping or just falling further into it.

that wood be a lot of fun wood all game overs get this tretmint

Good to see steady progress is being made and that you are really cracking on with the update! :) I know I may have been one of the people asking for post bad end content but at the same time I do not wish to thrust you into spaghetti code hell so I understand if it cannot be done. Perhaps you could leave the post bad end content until after you have finished the area completely as it may make it easier for you to know how and what you want to do with it. (Maybe combine bad end content for some of them if applicable? Bandits capture you and turn you into gold statues to sell off? But then you turn the tables on them and retain your consciousness and turn them into gold as well due to gold statue mind control stuff making you want to turn everyone into a gold statue like you?) Just spitballing here, ignore all of that if it doesn’t seem like your jam. Sorry for the wall of text and keep up the good work on the game! Really looking forward to what you come up with :)

Reading the feedback on this so far it seems like the general consensus is that people might enjoy such content but should perhaps focus on finishing the area/most of the game before diving into it.  

In terms of combining Game Over elements for Bad Ends, that would probably be more saved for much later and reminds me of another game that featured that originally.  That sort of playable Game Over is a little outside what I was thinking but is certainly something I will keep in mind.  Thanks!