Mira Co Rescue 0.4.1b

Bug Fix @ 6:38PM CST 5/3/2020:  Fixed the death state on the Rattlesnake Lamia incorrectly calling the Winter Solstice Enemy Sprites.
Added Alternative Sprites to the Rattlesnake Lamia for No Transparency Naked Sprites in addition to the Mudroots Normal Sprites No Transparency for thick mud.  They are available in the Gallery when selecting those Battle Sprites for viewing.

What's New in 0.4.1?

  • Added WIP Map: Desert
  • Added Two New Enemies: The Desert Bandits and Rattlesnake Lamia
  • Added 24 new Battle Sprites (Normal/Nude variants for both enemies)
  • Added Hemmy and Selena to the Manor.  They only have one dialogue line for now but will have more implemented later.
  • Added a few icons to the manor to show what room is which in the entryway and who owns the new tent.
  • Add New Skill to Mira, Clothing Restoration (Learned at Level 3).  Allows you to cure the Naked status for 20MP and adds 20TP.  (Note, it is disabled during the Spider Girl Cave and Snake battle since there are not any clothes to restore)
  • Updated some maps to better reflect how you enter them from the world map.
  • Updated Spider Girl Cave post completion map assets.  Spider Girls now replace Little Webby in taking your clothes and giving them back upon leaving to better reflect why you are still 'naked' inside.
  • Starting to implement "Weakness" system to enemies.  Enemies have weaknesses that the party members can exploit to do more damage:
    • Mira - Blunt
    • Hemmy - Pierce
    • Selena - Magic (Fire, Ice, Thunder)
    • -Each skill notes which type of damage they apply and "Weakness" will appear if you use the correct type on an enemy.  This system is still a WIP and more damage types may be added along with resistances.


-Updated some script calls that were missing for Enemy Sprite information. Not sure how things were working with them missing, magic!

-Updated missing Map ID for the World Map if you used the Ankhrono potentially dumping you in an old map.

[Dev Notes]

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and that the game updates help you to relax a bit.

This WIP update adds two new enemies with normal/naked variations across 24 new battle sprites.  Neither enemy has game overs yet as the WIP builds tend to add new content as it is created vs large milestone build updates.

[0.4.1 translates to FinalBuildMarker.MilestoneBuildMarker.WIPBuildMarker -> Not Finished, Spider Girl Cave/Art Asset Update, 1st WIP of Khrono Tomb]

I took the first week of May off from work and will be doing a bit of an experiment to see how much Game Assets I can produce with the time off.  I won't be dedicating all my time to the game but will be treating it like it is my focus/job at the time just to compare progress.  I may stream on Picarto per usual but may take a break this weekend (May 2/3) in preparation for the week of game dev starting Monday (May 4th).

I will mostly be focusing on getting Selena's Side Event completed similar to the 3 part Side Event structure that Mira has for toy testing.  Afterwards there is a tentative schedule of Hemmy's Side Event, Game Over Image(s), On Map Event(s), and whatever else I can get done.

Thanks again to everyone who comments, downloads, and supports the project!  It is a fun hobby/passion project and I'm thrilled that so many of you are enjoying it.  Most updates for next week will happen both here on itch.io in another post and on the Game Dev Twitter.

Stay safe everyone!

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it'd be cool if we could capture some of these enemies, like in didnapper

A few monster girls from previous zones may make appearances at the Manor after clearing stages like Limu did for the Forest Path and how Little Webby is hanging out as well.  More on that in a future update.

(1 edit)

Love how the naked lamia scenes are. Went and threw some money your way cause I liked the game before, but now I'm really loving it. I can't wait to see how you'll do the lamia game over scene. I hope this isn't the last instance involving vore, but I'm sure I'll like the future enemies regardless.
A couple quick things. When Hemmy said she's a bit more used to lamia eating her with their other mouth, was that an oral vore quip or a sex joke? And also, do you think we'll ever see the naked lamia sprites with no x-ray cut ins?

Thank you very much!

There should be a few more instances of vore in the future along with some of the game overs for the tomb enemies as well/side events.

Hemmy's comment was both a sex joke and how it was one of the first times she was vored this specific way.  I could add an option in the gallery in the next bug fix build that has the naked lamia sprites as the full opacity instead of the x-ray cut ins as well, if that's what you mean.

That would be really cool, if it's no problem with you.
One last question. I was just wondering, but going by the different vore scenes in the game already, do you like vore scenes that have "realism" more? Like how it makes sense how they're being eaten. Or do you like any kind of scenario, like where the pred doesn't have any logical way of eating someone, where they have a normal sized mouth and end up with a big belly.

The new build with the no x-ray cut ins is up now.

I don't really have a preference over one or the other, really.  I just do my best to depict things as well as possibly so some of the situations wouldn't depict parts that don't make as much sense such as same size pred and how they fit into a normal sized mouth.  I'm not too sure how I'd go about that for example.  Nothing against it, but my brain just goes through a loop sometimes.

Is fine, really. I just ask a lot of questions. Thanks for the new build.