Mira Co Rescue [Progress to 0.5.0]

[Update 9:25AM 4/22] - Added Base Color Previews of Lamia Normal and Desert Bandit Sprites (Normal/Naked)

Previous Updates:

Added Sketches of Lamia's Naked Sprites.

Added Sketches of Lamia's Normal Sprites

Hello everyone!

Here are the gestures for the upcoming rework to the Work In Progress Area: the Khrono Tomb.

The twelve sprites on the left are the normal/nude sprites for the Rattlesnake Lamia.

The twelve sprites on the right are the normal/nude sprites for the Desert Bandits.

I'll need to finalize the enemy designs for these two enemies but we got all the battle sprites gestured out.  There is still another enemy to do but they won't show up until later as a boss, so they can wait for now.

At the moment, this brings the amount of enemies in the Desert/Khrono Tomb to 5.  There will be 6 including the boss which matches what the Spider Girl Cave had for numbers.

Since the other three enemies already have battle sprites I am thinking I should revisit them and complete their Game Overs as well.  This would bring the needed game overs to do up to 7  (the 5 current Desert/Khrono Tomb and 2 Holiday Enemies).

The roadmap to 0.5.0 is to complete all the enemies for the Desert/Khrono Tomb and revamp the map to be what it was supposed to be, a tomb filled with all sorts of traps to prevent grave robbers.  Previous WIP builds added things as they were completed so I am wondering if people are still fine with the sort of disjointed additions such as the new enemies/battle sprites being added in and the Game Overs to follow later vs releasing them with their corresponding game over?

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i rly love this art, restraint art etc... i loved playing your game, but ! it would be perfect if the girls had muffled voices, good job anyways !


Thank you!  Voices is something to consider once the game is closer to completion but as sort of a passion/hobby project I'm not sure if it is something I can get in.

Maaaan, I absolutely love this game. I see amazing potential in it and enjoyed the demo a huge huge time. Honestly, it even brought me to consider some donating, which I have never done and never wanted to. It's crazy good, seriously. Just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for writing such a nice comment!  I'm happy that so many people are enjoying it.  The donations are just a side thing since this is just a passion project more than a job, so I wouldn't worry about it too much!  Thanks for the consideration though : >

It really is amazing. It's basically the DiDnapper of perils and I love it so much!

I would reccommend finishing the new enemies' battle sprites, including the area boss, and add in 3/4 GO's or some side events if you would prefer.

I know I posted something similar before but I think that breaking up the game overs is the way to go. Since it can take a while to draw GO's compared to battle sprites, spreading GO's into two or three spearate updates seems like the best option.

Yeah, I think breaking up the work into segments for Battle Sprites, Game Overs, and Side Events might mix up the type of artwork I need to work on enough to not hit that burnout state as fast.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Interested to see what you will do with the desert bandits as they don’t seem to follow the monster girl/monster theme of the game so far. Keep up the great work.

You'll see soon enough! Thanks for the comment!

Lamia unbirth ahead! :) Your Game is not only having sexy content, but also very fun to play. I would consider it to get in my top 10 favorites list. I will definetely buy the final version. 

Yay!  I'm glad you enjoy it.  Thank you so much!