Mira Co Rescue 0.4.0b

Bug Fix @ 4/3/2020  11:24AM CST:  0.4.0b

-Fixed a bug with the Silk Worm which caused 0HP to not correctly register as 'Captured KO' state.

-Added in some of the updated art that didn't transfer to the new build correctly such as Enemy Sprites.


-Added 6 new Game Over sequences (30 images)

-Refined Art Assets across Battle Sprites, Enemies, Face Images and replaced more placeholder images for maids and NPCs.

[Bug Fixes]

-Fixed Skill Update crystals that appear in the Khrono Courtyard and the special area accessed through the Key Item "Ankhrono Replica" to unlock all skills that were added to the game if you are using a different save file.

-Updated Battle Text

-Fixed Sarcophagus Core not being sellable

-Fixed some skills being accessible from normal menus instead of only battles.

What’s New [From 0.1.0]

New Area: Emma's Garden

-Added 4 New Enemies with 48 new battle sprites! (All with nude variants) 

New Area: Spider Girl Cave

-Added 6 New Enemies with 51 new battle sprites! (4 Nude Only / 2 Normal/Nude) 

-2 Holiday Enemies (Halloween/Winter Solstice) with 24 new battle sprites.

Game Overs:  13 Game Over Sequences across 65 images.

New Area: Coastal City 

-Added 6 New Scenes to find.  (Split between 3 Event types.  1 Intro Scene, 2 Events (Starts to  longer chains), and a 3 Part Event) 

New Manor Functionality:  Manor Restoration has been updated to restore some rooms in the Manor to interact with.   

Spend 2000G at the store to unlock it. (Required for some City Events)

Battle Room/Gallery:  Accessed through Key Item "Ankhrono Replica" there is a gallery to view all battle sprites/unlocked game overs and a battle room to fight enemies.

[Dev Notes]

We've reached another milestone build of 0.4.0!

This build is mostly cleanup of current art assets and adding the missing Game Over sequences for all enemies in the three finished areas.

Current Plans:

-Work on completing the remaining work in progress map, the Khrono Tomb to round out the current content that is available.

-Complete Game Over sequences for Holiday Enemies and Khrono Tomb.

-Further Mira's side job which can eventually lead to game overs.  Introduce Hemmy and Selena's side jobs.

-Implement more side events at the Khrono Manor that involve saved maids, recovered objects, and visitors  from completed areas.

I hope you enjoy all the new game over sequences and images!  If you find any bugs feel free to comment here or directly email me at ankhronogames@gmail.com

As a reminder, I also have a Game Dev Twitter account where I post updates and WIP art as well.  Follow it if you'd like more updates on the game!

There are also several game threads through other websites.  Thanks to all that have communicated bugs and support there as well!

ULMF Forum Post

TFGames.Site Forum Post

F95Zone Forum Post

[Dev note update]

It was late when I wrote this but I forgot to mention more about what development plans are looking like for the future!

Development will continue in the month of April due to vacation plans being cancelled.  I would have been out of the country for a few weeks but this vacation is now postponed until a later date.  I will be working on things for milestone 0.5.0 instead now.  I hope everyone is staying safe out there.  Take care!

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What updated art are you talking about? Did you redo some of the battle sprites?

I was working on some of this during streams, but I went back through an assortment of artwork and cleaned up lines and artifacts (gaps in color resulting in transparency voids).  More so just cleanup on the current art assets and a pet peeve of mine when it comes to coloring. 

I totally love all the new content that you are adding to the game , thank you so much for all your hard work <3


Thank you so much for the support!  I'm happy to hear that people are enjoying the game : >

thanks for this wonderful game, btw where to find the New 4 Enemies and 2 Holidays monster? i cant seem to found them and also i missed maybe 2 or 3 GameOvers scenes or maybe they are bugged won't triggers?? 

If you're referring to Emma's Garden the 'new enemies' is just a reference to the 4 enemies that dwell in that area.  They're only marked as 'New' since they didn't exist when the demo launched as it only had one area, The Forest Path.

The two holiday enemies are found inside the restored Khrono Manor.  I'd recommend going through the walkthrough for more information. I've updated the walkthrough to include the list of enemies and what Game Over they trigger and if they are currently in game.

ok thanks. good luck with the game i hope no huge problems occur during the development game and Stay Safe

Great timing for everyone stuck in the quarantine. Looking forward to the new additions and what you come up with next. Do you have any idea as to what kinds of bad ends you want to have in the final product? Minus the current ones

Yeah! Nice to give people a distraction during these times.  And there are so many ideas that I want to do as bad ends but I gotta figure out a scope at some point.  Doing these update builds as we move forward just seems easier than figuring out a true 1.0.0 release point....

I guess I didn’t word it properly but I am interested in what sort of content you are looking to continue to put in the game going forward, some of my favorite stuff so far is the slime girl, new goo girl, and tentacle plant girl stuff. I like seeing the full tf stuff instead of the more tame web spider stuff (in my opinion) so I wanted to know if you were interested in doing more of that. 

There will certainly be more full TF stuff as making monster girl designs for the girls is kinda fun and parts of game over reasons on why they don't exactly continue their quest for rescuing the missing maids.  In terms of what they'll be turning into, I'll keep it vague for now; however, some of the more common things that come to mind are probably not too far off.

Excellent really looking forward to what you cook up. If you don’t mind a suggestion, it would be very cool to be able to play as the transformed party with the new objective of corrupting their former allies but I understand that may be quite a hassle so just do what you are comfortable with for now :)