Mira Co Rescue March Pulse Check

Update 3/18/20

I've finally finished all of the new Game Over images that will be going into April's release!  There will be 30 new images across 6 Game Over sequences.  I will be working on programming them into the game, writing up the short stories that accompany them, and working on some bug fixes that people have been reporting.  We're on the final stretch now until April.

As a side note, there are still a few enemies that are in the game that do not have Game Overs.  There are the two holiday enemies you can encounter in the Manor and the three enemies you can encounter in the WIP Khrono Tomb area.  I'm not sure if I will focus on them as I work on the next area or if I'll work on them as time goes on as it took a while to get all these scenes done between working.  This is just a hobby of mine and not my full time job so progress is steady but a little slow.  I hope these updates relieve any fears that the project is dead though.  Until next time!

Also, I've included a sneak peek at the Breeding Chamber Game Over which didn't have any preview in the previous Pulse Checks.  It's only the beginning for the party delving deeper into the chamber's soft, massaging folds.

Original Post:

Hello everyone!

Another pulse check as we get closer to April. 

Game Over art is in the final stages as only shading remains for the current batch of Game Overs that will complete all the current enemies in finished zones (Forest Path, Emma's Garden, Spider Girl Cave).  There are still enemies that need Game Overs but they will be completed at a later time.

Things have been a little hectic with current events and the upcoming trip in April.  We're monitoring the situation; however, if plans change development will immediately resume after April's release instead of the month break due to vacation.

I hope everyone is staying safe and I am looking forward to getting all these images out to you.

I just finished up the Silk Worm game over and will be working on the others during streams on Picarto.tv

Check out the preview image for a sneak peak for what's in store for the party after falling to the Silk Worms.

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No offense but when you posted how you planned to get all of the current zones' game overs finished by april I thought it was a pipe dream going by your previous update rates. But you sure proved me wrong. Way to go!

If you do decide to continue GO's in the next update, whether after your vacation or not if it is cancelled, I would recommend just doing the holiday enemies' GO's and setting aside the tomb GO's until you start working on the tomb proper.

Doing all those game overs in that time is pretty surprising to me as well, though it isn't the greatest speed either xD Thanks!

Just doing the holiday enemies GO's would probably be a solid idea rather than trying to do them all again.  It might be a good idea to try and do a Game Over when I work on enemies at the time but we'll have to see.

One suggestion I have is to upload new areas complete with all the enemy sprites and then add in the area's Game Overs in 2  or so  smaller updates.

Since it takes longer to draw GO's than the sprites, updates that consist of a large number of them like the April update can take months to come out. Breaking them into halves can help us feel like the content is coming at a constant pace and you would probably get less messages asking if the game is still being worked on or "are you still alive?". True the pulse updates help in that regard but not everyone follows those even if they should.

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The new game overs are looking great! I saw your last picarto stream and loved how you made the red goo scenes much easier on the eyes. Smart move with giving each girl a different color besides red.

As much as I'd love for game development to continue ASAP I sincerely hope that your vacation plans don't get ruined by all the chaos happening lately. Stay safe.

Thanks! I'm hopeful things will go well, but the situation seems to be rapidly changing from week to week.  Stay safe as well!

Good to see that you are keeping up with the progress updates. It is nice to see progress being made even if there arent any new builds for us to play. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Thank you! You stay safe as well!