Mira Co Rescue Feb Pulse Check

Hello everyone!

Been getting a few comments on the status of the project so I figured I should create another pulse check to relay what has been going on so far.

I've been working on Game Over art for the last month and have two completed and another in a Work In Progress state.  A preview of them can be seen in the attached images.

I have two more planned out and still need to get the last one figured out, but I am hoping to get the remaining Game Over images for the Spider Girl Cave finished before April when I will be taking a break due to a three week vacation.  Afterwards it will be back to business in May.

Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to comment, download, and interact with the game! I'm glad that people are enjoying the content and progress so far.

While I was thinking of releasing a large update near April, there are a few bugs and the currently finished game over images to add to the game.  Would people prefer a larger update build or smaller bug fixes along the way with a few new things along the way?

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a larger update build

I second azedix's opinion as well! Love the way the game is shaping up~ I imagine it might be hectic for you to keep posting constant updates though, so I respect all of your decisions!

larger update i can waght


Thanks you for informations !

I think I prefer larges updates but with frequently information about it, because it's frustrating to have no news (You aren't nintendo, no ?)

Sure, seems reasonable enough! Keeping information flowing will help keep everyone in the loop.

Thanks for commenting!

Thanks you !

Do yo will work on the desert area for the next update ?

And I have a question, how long do you make an an image ?

Since I'm working on Game Over images I am unsure which zone I will be doing battle sprites for next.  It will either be the desert area or a new side area.  

I'm not sure if you were asking how long it takes or how long I make images.  It takes about a week of work to get a whole game over image set done though it can take longer as various things come up.  Game Over sequences are always 5 images long though some have additional parts that are static changes.

ok, thanks you for the precision

And an other question, can you add in the game all your art please ?

Because, on your tumblr, we can't view your NSFW images, it's bloqued and I can't found to deblock.

I need to go back and repost some of my artwork on twitter or something since tumblr did the good ol' wipe on NSFW content. Looking back on the art it is pretty old though so a bit of a difference from now a days art.  Mostly just for nostalgia.