Mira Co Rescue [0.3.3c]

[BUG FIX @ 6:00PM CST 1/5/2019 - If you're having issues with the new sprites appearing please download the latest build!  There was a bug with the coding due to the previous Holiday Enemy.  If you were experiencing an issue with the cutscene after the Forest Path boss please download the latest build!  If Mira's naked sprite for the new enemy caused an error, please download the latest build!

In addition, fixed bug that caused game over message to appear in the Battle Room of the Gallery.  Also added the Forest Path Boss to the Battle Room.

Happy New Year/Winter Solstice Everyone!

This festive new update to the game includes one new holiday enemy!

You can find it by restoring the manor and checking the coffee room!  There is a gift tree with some presents to interact with for a fight with 12 new battle sprites.

In addition, there is an intro scene to a new event chain with 5 new CGs.  You can find it by restoring the manor, defeating the Forest Path's boss, and checking the shower in the bathroom between Mira and Hemmy's room.

There is also a new room where you can battle enemies you've encountered in the past.  Once you've defeated the boss of the corresponding area you'll unlock the enemies to face.  The Mini-bosses only require defeating them once to fight them in the new battle room.  You can find it by using the Ankhrono Replica and going to the pantry on the left.  A new door will lead you to the battle room.

With the start of the new year I am back from the short break during November.  I will be diving into development of another area along with working on Game Over sequences when I get the chance.  

I hope you enjoy the new content!  Thank you very much for following the development of Mira Co Rescue!


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Jan 05, 2020

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very excited for the newest update but the site has been static for a while :<

Sorry for the radio silence.  Created a new Pulse Check post!  It sounds like I need to keep news flowing so people are not as confused on the status of the project!

it is nice to know that there is more to come and that the project is still alive but we are selfish beings so keep working at your own pace, just let us know it isn’t dead every once in a while. Even without a game update knowing that stuff is happening is more than enough.

Awesome! Thank you so much for this new update, I love every new piece of content that you add to this game, seriously <3


Thank you! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying all the new content. : >

Yeah a new update, thanks you ! I made you a little tips for your work ! Can't wait for more :)

Thank you so much! I'm already working on new content so progress is moving forward! : >

Can you post in the game, your NSFW art from tumblr ? Because it's impossible to view with safe mode