Mira Co Rescue [0.3.2b]

[Slight bug fix for Game Over scenes/New Enemy for 0.3.2b @ 8:51PM 10/31/2019]

Happy Halloween Everyone!

There is a spooky new update to the game with one new, holiday enemy!

You can find her by restoring the manor and checking out the pantry!  There is a spooky item in there to interact with for a fight with 12 new battle sprites!

In addition, I've added three more Game Over scenes for the Mudroots, Unknown Sniper, and Spider Queen!

There is be a bit of a break as Death Stranding comes out next week and I will be taking some time to play it in addition to game development.  

I'll continue working on adding in Game Over scenes as time goes on; however, I will be switching focus onto a new area with new battle sprites an enemies.

I hope you all have a spooky time today! Until next time!


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Nov 01, 2019

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Dayim, this is awesome! I really like sniper scene. I hope you will add different debuffs for different enemy corruption attacks, but you do you.

Thanks!  Are you referring to actual debuffs like 'blind' or 'silence' when it comes to enemies?  So far I've tried to keep debuffs out of the game as the peril system is debilitating enough with naked perils locking you out of attack options other than 'rescue' or 'defend' or 'use item'

That's awesome! I love halloween content :D Thank you so much for keeping this game's development active <3


Thanks for the comment and support! : >

Yeah, i'm so happy :D

I have found a bug, when I have win the battle with the new enemy, my character can't move (I can open the menu and use the Ankhrono replica but I can't move in it too)

With the recent bug fix(es) I believe this has been resolved.  There was a piece of script missing that should be in now to allow the player movement again.