Mira Co Rescue [0.3.1b]

[0.3.1b ]@7:05AM CST 10/22/2019

-Added the Game Over sequence to the Tumblevine!

Fixed nine bugs:

-Upon spending 2000G at the manor and entering the manor, Mira's closet was calling the incorrect map causing the intro to replay.  This has been fixed.

-Upon entering the bathroom at the park in the coastal city an invisible wall blocked the exit.  The regions for that map have been fixed.

-Hemmy's Alter Time ability was casting on enemies and not herself.

-Tumblevine's sprite was missing from the gallery to show where the Game Over Images could be seen.  This has been readded.

-Losing to the Mudroots and retrying the battle was not giving Thick Roots correctly.  This has been fixed.

-Breeding Chamber given it's extra attack(s) similar to other mini-bosses.

-Made all Game Over scenes have text at the bottom.  (Slime Queen had random top and bottom text)

-(Hopefully)Fixed a rare bug where certain peril moves gave party members naked sprites but upon rescue would revert them back to normal sprites.  New logic to add naked state in these cases.

-Fixed the web 'blocking' the exit from the boss room for the Spider Girl Cave. It was on the wrong event layer and players could just walk past it.  

What’s New [From 0.1.0]

New Area: Emma's Garden (New, reworked map from WIP Builds)
-Added 4 New Enemies with 48 new battle sprites! (All with nude variants)
New Area: Spider Girl Cave (New, reworked map from WIP Builds)
-Added 6 New Enemies with 51 new battle sprites! (4 Nude Only / 2 Normal/Nude)
-1 Game Over Sequence for the Tumblevine (More to be added later)
New Area: Coastal City
-Added 5 New Scenes to find.  (Split between 3 Event types.  1 Intro Scene, 1 Event (Start to a longer chain), and a 3 Part Event)
New Manor Functionality:  Manor Restoration has been updated to restore some rooms in the Manor to interact with.  
Spend 2000G at the store to unlock it. (Required for some City Events)

[Dev Notes]

We've reach another milestone of build 0.3.0!

This build finishes the Spider Girl Cave from the WIP builds and revamps the previous map, Emma's Garden to match the quality of the first area, The Forest Path.

With this build complete, we've also added one new side job that Mira can partake in which provide additional art for events.  The plan is to add jobs for both Hemmy and Selena in the future who will have similar opportunities to get into some trouble.

There are not any new game over images; however, they will be worked on and added as we move forward to the next milestone.

Current Plans:

-Revamp the Khrono Tomb to add new enemies to the existing content and increase map size.   

-Add a new area to the game that can be accessed after Spider Girl Cave that will include new perils and enemies.

-Further Mira's side job which can eventually lead to game overs.  Introduce Hemmy and Selena's side jobs.

-Implement more side events at the Khrono Manor that involve saved maids, recovered objects, and visitors  from completed areas.

I hope you enjoy the new build!  If you find any bugs feel free to comment here or directly email me at ankhronogames@gmail.com

As a reminder, I also have a Game Dev Twitter account where I post updates and WIP art as well.  Follow it if you'd like more updates on the game!


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Oct 22, 2019

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Sorry If I missed this in the description of the update but what changes have been made from 0.3.1a to 0.3.1b? I cant seem to find anything.

Just a minor bug fix that made it possible for the boss of the Spider Cave to be bypassed.

The next build should include the Game Overs I've been working on.  Hoping it'll release before Halloween!

Looking forward to it, love the way you did the tumblevine game over, really well done. I only wish we could have seen their faces in the last panel but you take what you can get. Keep it up!

Yeah ! Really good update, i'm too sad I have already finish the content ! Can't wait future update ;)

I love the spider party, the maps are really sympatical :D