Mira Co Rescue 0.4.2c

Bug Fix Build Uploaded at 11:50AM CST 8/31/2020

-Fixed a bug where you were teleported into the trees after viewing the cutscene after defeating the Slime Queen.

-Added Small Side Events from Intro:  Hitomi/E.Claire Bondage Accessory and Succ or Bust Mana Drink Intro

-Fixed Selena's Side Event Part 2's Name displaying as "Part 1"

Previous Bug Fix 0.4.2b

-Fixed a bug where you could walk on a blank part of the map above the Slime Queen.

-Updated some items so they are not 'usable' in the menu since they are meant as an event trigger (you couldn't use them but might as well take away that confusion)

-Added an icon to the Silk Hole Core.


-Added Side Events for Hemmy and Selena

  • Hemmy's Events span across an Intro, Parts 1-3 (24 Images) - Hemmy will be hanging out in Emma's Garden after defeating the boss.
  • Selena's Events span across an Intro, Parts 1-3 (24 Images with 7 Alternative Images, 31 total) - Selena will be hanging out in An Inkling at the Coastal City.

-Added 2 new Game Over Sequences (10 Images)

  • Rattlesnake Lamia and Desert Bandit Game Over

-Replaced Emma's Face Sprites with updated art

-Created some new (some placeholder) character sprites/map sprites for the new Side Events.

-Added new, work in progress version of the Desert Path.  Fairly empty for the time being but will be updated as we continue working towards 0.5.0

[Dev notes]

Hello everyone!  Been a while since a WIP build has gone up as I've been working on several new images for the new Side Events and Game Over Sequences.  Now that this portion is complete, we will be moving on to the remaining items towards the 0.5.0 milestone build.

Open Items:

-Boss Battle Sprites/Game Over

-On Map Events for Desert Path/Khrono Tomb

-Mummy Girls/Sarcophagus/'Nebby' Gold Statue Game Overs

-(2 Holiday Enemy Game Overs: Optional, but open item for all remaining WIP items to be finished)

I will be posting more information on where we will be starting for the next stretch but for now I will be working on finalizing all the content that will be included in the milestone build (such as figuring out the ambiguous "On Map Events for the Desert Path/Khrono Tomb")  I hope everyone is staying safe out there and is having a decent summer so far.  Until next time!


Mira Co Rescue 0.4.2 WIP Build 338 MB
Jul 13, 2020

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Nice update, I couldnt find the lamia and bandit gameovers on the ankhrono replica. Are they implemented there or I have to loose to them to see the game overs? nice to see an update

For now you'll need to lose to them as I updated the variables that would could as a 'map clear.'  Perhaps I should alter that for the WIP builds but that is how it is at the moment.

Nice update, it took a few minutes for my old saves to transfer for some reason but it was no big deal.

Also for some reason the Big Snake ending is either missing or isn't working?

Thanks, though I would double check how your saves were transferred as the Big Snake Game Over should still be in the game.  

Is the scene not appearing? An error message? Skips it entirely?  Does it appear in the Gallery at all?

Does not appear in the gallery at all. I tried replaying the Snake battle and it just fades to the Game Over screen

Can you take a screenshot of what your Gallery map looks like? The snake scene should automatically appear when the map is unlocked in the upper right corner.  Is there just a blank space between the slime queen sprite and a slimed up Mira?

Sure give me one moment

Nevermind it's here now.

Sorry to worry you

how do you get to the glary?

Beat the first boss, trigger the cutscene above them, then use the Key Item, Ankhrono Replica, to access Somewhere Between Time and Space where the gallery is the room to the left.

There is also a walkthrough if you have more questions.

I love the update. The Game Overs were very nice and I'm excited for the expansion to the desert path.

The  side events really take the cake though. I think I prefer them to the Game Overs since they go into much more detail due to the attention being focused on one girl rather than the whole trio.

One extra thing, would it be possible to do a no transparency version of the the Alraune Game Over?


The Side Events were a lot of fun to do and I agree that with the attention on one girl it helps focus things in.

I can make a no transparency version of the Alarune too.  I should probably review what art has transparency and look into just making the non transparency versions as well.  Easy enough.