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Great work! I love the game, although I can't find the bandit or lamia game-overs in the ankhrono.

One detail that I find hilarious-yet-fitting is that game-overs where the party is used as batteries, their captor tends to become a local menace. Game-overs where the party is brainwashed, their captor tends to become a regional menace. In the game-over where they get a light hypnotic suggestion that retasks them instead of rewriting anything, though, they take over the flipping planet. Really shows how big of an impact they would have if they weren't content with what they already had.

You must fight the bandits and the lamina once. They are located south east on the world map. After that they show up in the hidden room

You have to beat the Nebby Statue in Khrono Tomb before they unlock. You also need to beat it in order to unlock the tomb enemies' capture sprites.

I tried fighting them to make sure that wasn't the issue, game-overs still didn't show up for me. I'd defeated the statue before I even noticed that the sequences weren't there, and the capture sprites are available, but the game-overs aren't there.

In case it's relevant, I did use the pre-installed save file to save some time since I'd played through a previous version of the game.

I've been between computers so I apologize for the delay in response as I pulled up the development copy of the game.  I looked at the coding and it appears that I've recently set it to key off of the unreleased boss of the Khrono Tomb.  I can look into uploading a bug fix build to restore the game overs appearing based on defeating the gold statue.  In the meantime, if you lose against the desert bandits/lamia and witness the Game Over then run away/win the battle it should also unlock in the gallery for the current version.

Keep an eye out for the WIP Bug Fix Build in the future which should restore the easier method of seeing the Game Overs for now.

Losing then replaying the fight like you said fixed it, thanks!

Fighting the lamias in the area before the tomb, when Hemmy is hit with the "half stuck, but still clothed" I was thinking "someone's played Earthbound!!"

Gotta wonder what the Succ or Bust employee is hiding, why she won't let you pass in the area above the Succ or Bust store. Also wonder if you'll eventually have Hitomi sell more than potions and mana gummies, between the fancy clothes and the product testing, money becomes really easy to get after you pass Emma's area. The Succ or Bust vending machine helps, but need more potion-related items! 

Liking the new content, hoping for more! :) 

Do you think you can add another type of Enemy? In the future of course~

I have 2 types of suggestions, it either be this:

Or this

Tell me about it?


There are a few things that have not released yet that I've been working on that is similar to this but not quite.

I can certainly keep things like this in mind though.  Thanks.


Thank you Ankhrono for replying my suggestions looking forward for new enemies and new ideas you've placed in the game~

Please make ios verson

The developer has answered this kind of question before. He currently does not have access to the equipment necessary to properly test porting the game to ios/android. Even if he did have the tech, it would be a significant added burden on development since he is working on this game entirely in his free time.

He has said that he might look into it once the game is complete but no promises.


so, i don't know if someone has posted this yet. I found a bug that after you defeat the first main boss (slime princess i think) and get the cutscene explaining how you can replay some cutscenes i spawn in the trees at the top of screen and am consequently stuck. 

I just took a look at the code and found an instance where it was indeed spawning in the wrong spot.  One of the values was updated but the other was not.  Thanks!

I'm putting together a bug fix build but am including updates to things people have mentioned.  Hopefully it will be available later today (Monday 8/31/2020)

Glad to have been of help. I would have posted this earlier this month had i remembered after playing it. Oh well, at least i remembered now. I am all for this game. The endings have been pretty fun. And i look forward to the characters.  I have noticed that the most reacurring thing seems to be bondage-ish related. Not that its a bad thing. Just something interesting i noticed.

Yeah, there are a lot of perils in the game but bondage is certainly one that comes up quite often (Tentacles I think is probably close second).

The bug fix build is uploaded now.  It should resolve the bug teleporting you into the trees.

How's it goin', Ankhrono?

It's going all right so far.  I'll be posting the monthly wrap up status dev log soon! 
I hope you're doing well!

About as well as can be expected

Should definitely be added

Tentacle Mimics are something that are sort of in the game but not as furniture yet.  An interesting idea.

I think it would be interesting to later on add mimics similar to the furniture idea. Giving options than can lead to it "attacking".

Impressive work, especially for one person! Looking forward to future additions!

Thank you very much!

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hello i just bought for 2000 gold total and the shopkeeper has a symbol like what she got when i hit 500 but when i talk to her no new dialogue pops up and i cant enter the manor is there any way to fix or get around this?

Have you by chance defeated the first area's boss?  Part of the trigger needs the boss defeated.

yeah that was the problem thanks

How about giving gameplay incentives for completing side events?

Mira's job at Succ or Bust gives her money, so Selena's increased confidence makes her attacks slightly stronger. Or Hemmy's plant misunderstandings increase her mana supply. Something like that.

Once you finish a quest line you could get a significant bonus, like being able to summon Limu or Hemmy's plant in battle. You could limit its use by having them cost all a character's TP to prevent misuse. It would give another use for TP besides rescuing as a resk/reward situation.

Yeah, it was either you or another user who suggested giving players items for doing the side events that would help the player similar to Persona and social links.  I should add some bonus and incentive to watching the scenes other than the story and artwork so it fits that nice feedback loop of actually providing the player a gameplay advantage as well.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Will there be a port on android?

I'm primarily focusing on the windows version as I do not have a Mac resource or Android device to do any testing on.  Once the game has reached a completed state I can dedicate more time into figuring out deployment on those platforms.  Can't promise anything but there has been some interest from platforms outside Windows, so the thought is there.  Thanks!


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making it. I hope you all are staying safe, that life is treating you all well, and that you all are doing well.


Thank you so much! I hope you are staying safe and doing well too!

it would be neat to involve a mana recovery ability for one of the main characters. maybe something involving selena's bust? just a thought

This is a stupid question but how do I transfer saves? I tried going into the game folder and copying the saves from the previous version but when I loaded the game it didn't show up.

I would recommend taking the "New" version's entire save folder and moving it somewhere else/deleting it, then take your current entire save folder and copying it to where the "New" version was.  These steps seem to work for other users. 

I've added these steps to the walkthrough page but maybe I should add them to each post/readme file too.

Let me know if you have any issues.

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I tried that but when I loaded the game I couldn't access any saves. The continue option in the menu was faded like there were no saves. I had to re-install the game to fix it.

hello, first off, great game. secondly, how do i enable the game over scene for the chirstmas presents?

Thanks!  The Halloween/Winter Solstice (Christmas Presents) Game Over is not yet implemented into the game.  It will be added in a future update.

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After this game is finished, are you planning to sell it somewhere? Like steam or here on

And I never thought I'd see a developer I'm following commenting on another game I'm following.XD

After the game is finished I'll need to look into other platforms like steam or DLsite or whatnot.  I'm not very familiar with how stuff works on those sites but if I recall for steam there is a listing fee or something.

Devs play other games too x3  It's a somewhat small community of NSFW games here on so I'm sure it happens from time to time.

Good to know! Good luck developing!


Just gave the current build a go.

The fact that each girl has their own unique sprite for each stage of perils is really great and something that is rarely seen in other games. And while the rescue mechanic at first hints for some interesting situations, in terms of balance it can be either a minor nuisance at best, and a chore at worst when the RNG fucks you up on some battles.

In general while the gameplay isn't necessarily bad, it feels just like any other average rpg maker game. But as you mention that this project is just a hobby/passion then in that context its fine.

But maybe for a next project if you choose to use rpg maker again, consider designing a game but without the battle system (or with a limited survival horror combat). Given the fetishes of the game I think if you made some sort of suspense/horror or mystery/adventure game where the gameplay focus is more on exploration and perhaps some puzzle solving as it would end up being fitting much better with the fetish content.

Speaking of the fetishes and thus the art: Holy Shit! Your art is simple yes, but I found it to be very charming and I really liked it!

Specially how you've depicted many different types of bondage, and how you take care in dawning some cute poses of the heroines completely tied up and also the cute feet on the girls too so I'm looking forward to more of that! I loved the overall creativity and I was actually super impressed by the variety in terms of the states in which you depicted the girls with lots of unique sprites and situations, and the game over scenes where very nice as well... so yeah your art is super enjoyable

Thanks for sharing the game. I will keep an eye on this project (and your possible future developments) for sure!



Thank you so much for the lengthy review and comments!  I'm happy that you enjoyed the game enough to write up such a detailed message.

Before this game I had a few small prototype games that were less about combat and more mystery/adventure style that triggered on map events vs sprites in combat.  While I'm not sure what sorts of stuff I'll be up to in the future it would be nice to design a game with a bit different focus like you've mentioned.  

I'm glad you enjoyed the variety in all the different perils.  It is fun to make so much art but at the same time there are so many other fetishes to do still that the potential content seems endless.  It is getting to a point where I am wondering where I should put some sort of stopping point or just keep going given the periodic updates the game has been cycling through.

Thanks again for the support! I hope you have a nice rest of your week. : >

Is there a way for me to import my save from previous versions?

You should be able to use your previous saves.  You may need to go back to the world map and re-enter an area if you experience any issues as there are some things in place to add missing sprite information.  Please let me know if you run into any issues.

I installed 4.0 and started it up, but I don't see any of my save files from 3.3c in 4.0.'s save menu.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

(1 edit)

In case you didn't already do this: you need to copy/cut the save data from the previous version and copy it into the new version of the game.

You can find it in the main folder under [www] -> [save]. Just copy/paste the entire [save] folder and overwrite the one in the new version.

Bruh I hope one day you'll have enough time to make this for Android but until then I guess I'll have to be patient but might I say from what I've seen so far looks like a good game.

I'm primarily focusing on the windows version as I do not have a Mac resource or Android device to do any testing on.  Once the game has reached a completed state I can dedicate more time into figuring out deployment on those platforms.  Can't promise anything but there has been some interest from platforms outside Windows, so the thought is there.  Thanks!

No thank you for making a cool game and sorry for bugging ya have a nice day.

hello dear sirs im julius im new here i love your game as well keep up the good work

Hello! Thanks for the support. : >

anyway i cant wait for your next update of the game and also the game overs too

Gave this a go, found it to be very interesting (and overly sexy). Sometimes I'll get 2 of a special item if I lose to a miniboss and then beat it, playing 3.3c. (so yeah, I can comfirm Purp13's error) Also, not sure if this is an error or not, but just before you challenge Little Webby, there's a monster near the exit. It was a silk worm, fled from it, it caught up to me again then it was 3 spider gals. 

Definitely a fun little game! I would have thought that the Slime Queen would have had a slightly different slime attack but other than that very enjoyable!

Hello! I will hopefully resolve that bug in the next update I am working on for April.  

I'll need to look into the enemy issue; however, if it is a wandering enemy sprite on the map there is a randomizer on what can appear for enemies so it can change from encounter to encounter.  The silk worm shadow triggers though should only have a silk worm appear.

I may need to go back and add boss specific sprites to the Slime Queen as she was the first boss and area I worked on.  Things have changed a bit through future updates so that expectation is likely.

Thanks for the bug report and support! 

(2 edits)

When I lost to the giant snake in through the tunnel in the forest, retrying the battle and winning lead to me getting the dialogue twice and 2 sewing kits instead of just the one. I was playing 0.3.3c if that helps.

Edit: This seems to apply to all post-fight dialogue

Thanks for the bug report!  I'll look into that as I think the logic for losing to an enemy and retrying is missing a few steps to avoid repeating.

I previously had a glitch that made all of the text unreadable, but fixed it by going into the www folder, then save, and then deleted the file#rpgsave(s). Besides that, this game is kind of amazing.

Oh? Is this the fix to this bug? Several users were reporting it and I was unable to figure out what was causing it.  To clarify, the file#rpgsave(s) files were causing the strange text bugs and you needed to remove them and start a completely fresh save?  This would make older saves incompatible again if this bug occurs for you then.

That seemed to be the case. After I deleted the saves, the bug was fixed. 

THANK YOU~ i've been dealing with this bug for quite a few updates and thought something was wrong with my computer,

Great work with the progress so far, good to see you keeping at it! I love that the girls become the thing that they lose to (my favorites are the slime and tanglevine endings) was a bit disappointed you didn’t take the spider ones further but oh well. Definitely looking forward to see what you come up with next! Will we see some fun stuff from succ or bust? A succubus Mira and Co. sounds sexy ;) blue skin and all

i love this game! more bondage and more barefoot! 



Really love this game! It has a very unique fighting system and your Game Over scenes are very enjoyable and well written. I check if there's been an update like once a week.

One thing I noticed is that the key item that allowed you to view battle sprites/Game Over scenes in the overworld is seemingly gone, or I haven't figured out how to unlock it. Was it removed?

Hey thanks!

In terms of the gallery item, you should have the Key Item called "Ankhrono Replica" in your key items which you receive after beating the Forest Path's boss.  Unless something weird happened with the coding this item should still be there.  You'll use it and get teleported to a different area where you'll walk left to get to the gallery area.  It requires you to defeat the boss of the corresponding areas in most cases to unlock the sprites and scenes that are available.

Hey, actually figured it out. There is indeed a bug for me where it only unlocks the SECOND time you exit to the world map through the Slime Queen boss area. And since I usually only left it once per playthrough, I didn't unlock it.

Is it possible to add in-game gamepad support? I don't really want to have to download additional software to bind gamepad buttons to keyboard keys. Especially since any 'free' software I find that does that ends up just being a trial and stops working in 7 to 31 days.

If it's not possible, don't fret, I'll manage to figure out something eventually.

I use a controller just fine. PS4 controller, windows 10, and DS4Windows to support the controller. 

I use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via Bluetooth on Windows 10, and it doesn't seem to respond to button inputs at all.

Unfortunelately, I can't afford to buy a PS4 controller to have a compatible controller. If I could, that money would go to fixing my SSBU Switch bundle Collector Edition JoyCons, or my own game project, depending on the source of the income.

 I do have a Logitech Gamepad, however, the XBox button layout it uses is different from the Switch button layout, so if it does work, I will repeatedly get A\B and X\Y mixed up, which can cause numerous problems…

However, all this aside, I am happy to know that there are controllers that do work, but am annoyed the only one I have with the correct layout does not.

If you have steam installed see if the switch controller support extends to external applications.

Sadly, Steam explicitly blocks input to external programs… which is a problem, since if I close Steam, (Y) is [Z], (A) is [X] instead of [Z], and the whole thing is very confusing…

Think I'll stick to keyboard…

Thanks for offering some support in regards to controllers.  I'll need to look into controller support/alternate controls a bit as I don't normally test with them in mind.

Hey, any news for future update :D


Steadily working on new Game Over art.  Got two done and am about halfway through another.  So, at the moment there would be 10 new images with small stories to be added but that's all for the moment.

After the next game over image (or maybe one more to finish out the second area) I might switch back to working on new battle sprites for the next area to mix things up a bit.

Oh, thanks :)

Good work, can't wait !

Loving these new updates keep it up


Thanks! Hopefully we'll keep this train rolling.

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When do you think you add game over/an area for the sniper ? This is my favorite enemy


Ironically it was the Game Over image set that was giving me the most trouble due to the nature of drawing rope bondage (it can get out of hand with all the knots/perspective).  

In terms of the potential area they lead to, it isn't as planned out as it would be a side area vs main story line, so it is on the back burner vs the other areas for now.

One suggestion I have is to have enemies other than the slimes and bosses drop sellable items. Granted, the amount of money you give us for completing the Succ or Bust toys is more than enough but it might be something you want to think of as you give us access to more powerful but expensive items.

Oh! I made the items for enemies similar to the slime cores but apparently never actually added them to the enemy table.  Thanks for catching that.  I will go over the items again and fix it in a bug fix build later.

Love the update! 

So what are you going to focus on now? In your post you mentioned wanting to expand the Khrono tomb and I remember you mentioned adding another area on the way to the tomb. But do you plan on focusing on finishing the game overs for the current enemies for now and moving on to new parts later? You said that you like creating sprites the most you probabl don't want the backlog to become too much. 

BTW, you'll probably wnat to make some adjustments to the memories room in the ankhrono replica. You're runing out of room to place sprites.

Maybe create a room for each area that looks like said area? Along with one room for miscellaneous scenes like the bondage toy testing scenes.

The current focus was a slight break as bug reports rolled in and a few other forum posts were made for visibility this weekend.

For the upcoming week I will probably be writing the Tumblevine Game Over sequence as the art is finished for that one.

For the Khrono Tomb, the current plan is to make that area larger and include some new enemies that will be encountered 'outside' the tomb before getting inside.  This allows me to still do the planned area on the way to the tomb but make the later stages a bit larger.

Since I hit a bit of a roadblock with some of the game overs I was working on and quickly created the all the images for the new events in a matter of a few days due to having a good time with them I will probably start other game overs and tackle the ones that gave me issue after I get some others done.

For the Gallery/Memory Room, there was some thought to making separate rooms for the areas and other scenes.  For ease of use though, there would probably be an option to go to a room where everything is pooled together rather than going through/walking to the room you wanted as some galleries are just menu based instead.

(1 edit)

It looks good but it only seems to run a few minutes before crashing, Never mind The problem was on my end and is fixed now

All right, please let me know if you encounter any issues.  Was it something related to the game or your computer out of curiosity?

My computer apparently,  all I did was reset it and it was fixed

Hey, your game is really good, I love it ! Can't wait for future update !

And I think you can post it on tfgamesite for more visibility :)

Thanks you !


I'm not as familiar with tfgamesite, would something of this nature fit well there? I thought it was mostly about transformation of various types.  There have been a few suggestions to post on various sites like f95zone and ulmf.  Since this is mostly a personal project there isn't a set release schedule so I worry about it getting too much visibility before it is really in a good, playable state.

Yes, this is a transformation based games ! I think it can interest many people of this site. And your game is really qualitative, and I think few peoples can help you with rpg maker on the forums if you need

(3 edits)

EDIT: I posted a thread in the Non-TF Game

It seems like I would need to be a bit active on their forums in able to post content so I will need to be somewhat active in order to post.  I made a recent post on ULMF so I will have to see what I can do.  Thanks for the info!

I have seen your post in the forum

To post a game, you need to connect on the forum and return on the home page of the site (where there are games)

Under the "browse by" square, on the right of page, you have "submit a game"

And on this page your can post the game, and after you can create a topic on the forum "in developpement" with the ID of the game page.

If you need more help, i'm here :)

Hey, just went through all of the endings in the viewing room again, it seems that the goo sprites for selena have a shadow of some other image of her faintly in the background for them, not sure if its intentional but I thought you should know. Keep up the good work :)

No, that was unintentional and an artifact from trying to keep sprite sizes the same.  Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully it will be cleaned up in the next build!

will there be new gameovers in the next vrshin

I'm trying to get some new ones done for the next version.  Currently, there are a few other scenes being worked on for the new side area as well.

cool looking fored to it

(2 edits)

Will the Silk Hole and Red Goo traps have their own game overs?

I can see the Silk Holes leading into the spider girl game over by having the spider girls coming and fishing the trio out of the traps, but the Red Goo seem to be removed from the spider girls despite being in their cave.

To be clear, I'm assuming that the Silk Hole is a trap intentionally set by the spider girls and not simply a random byproduct of magic like I'm assuming that snake was in the slime area.

I seem to be assuming a lot of things.

Hello! Thanks for the comment!

The Silk Hole and Red Goo traps will have their own game overs.  You're not too far off with these assumptions, so good job! : >

Sweet, looking forward to them :>

Hopefully there is still work happening on this project, checking the twitter and deviantart links without many updates is kind of a bummer. It must take a lot of effort to develop this game but a little checkin every so often would be appreciated. Keep up the good work :)

Yes! Work is still continuing but things are a little busy this month and next with some IRL commitments.  I'll try and keep pulse updates more frequent with small previews.  Thanks for checking in!

Even a little update letting us know small things like that is nice once in a while. Looking forward to that clothless tanglevine gameover ;)

Any progress on any further updates? Am hoping to see more

I tend to post some Works In Progress art on my DeviantArt page and occasionally the twitter feed as well.  I'm working on the battle sprites for the current area and then will be doing some Game Over/Events for the current areas that are missing them.

Do you have links to both so I can follow? Am eager to continue forward on it heh.

My DeviantArt Page

Game Dev Twitter

Is this still being worked on? I really liked the direction the clothless vine plant game over was headed. Keep up the good work :)

Yes it is!  Progress was a bit delayed due to being a solo project but I am working on finishing up the remaining battle sprites for this area and will be moving onto the next.  I'll make a more detailed post about it with the new build but moving forward it will be a bit more of a WIP vs providing a fully finished area with each milestone build.  More on that in the dev blog to come.

Good to hear, I look forward to every single bit of it. I really like the clean aesthetic you have going on with the art style and the twitter went kind of dead for a while so I was worried! Thank you for the reply.

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