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Is there an estimated time when we can expect the next update, or are we just going to have to wait and see what happens? Also good luck!


I need to make another dev log soon explaining the situation here on itchio but progress is technically on hiatus again due to raising my kid and having very little free time between them and my 9-5.  More info soon!

is it still on hiatus

Can you make it playable for browser looks like a super fun game!

There's a version on Gamecore you can play on browser.

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It seems that with how the gallery is set up it far exceeds the 1000 file limit that the browser version on itchio can handle.  The version on the other website is outdated from the looks of it but probably doesn't run into the file limit issue/uploading cap.

Absolutely love it. I love how multiple capture phases show up on the same monster. That is some straight up RPGmaker voodoo and I salute you.


I expect updates every day


With raising the kiddo updates have slowed considerably as we balance the lifestyle changes they bring.  I do my best to make dev log updates when I can; however, progress is currently on hiatus as we get things back up to speed.

have not been to the spidercave yet

and i wood love to see somethin with this

The webs in there are leftover from the raid on the Khrono Manor.  The spidergirls were involved along with a bunch of other monster girls and monsters.

o ok

in the storige it shod not be set so the spider girls did not tack everythang and will there be more stuff with sophia

can we get a update

Wow, has it really been 5 months since I last posted a dev log on here?  I'm mostly active on twitter where I am posting art updates and such. I will try and post a dev log here in a little bit.



Still working on the PC version and I do not have an Android device for testing purposes so at the moment, no.

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The game runs perfectly on Android with joiplay. I've only run into one bug with the bandit game over. It will just freeze and doesnt run the cutsence sometimes

Ah, a good alternative for all those asking about an android version.  I still don't have an android device but thanks for the information.  Not sure why that scene in particular would cause a freeze though.  All the plugins and such work with joiplay?

yeah, I'm not sure either. It has all the plugin and everything. I think it's just joiplay being weird. 

but will there ever be a game update? I ended up like this


Eventually, with the kiddo growing older and taking up more of my free time the game project has taken a bit of a back seat while I deal with the ever changing schedule.  The month of march is currently in a full hiatus as I focus on the kiddo and hopefully be back to working on the game again in April.

Art updates on the art twitter are much more regular vs posts on itchio so be sure to check there as well.

ok thanks a lot I hope your child grows well and I hope patiently new updates then I don't have Twitter as I said but I hoped that new updates arrive. thanks again and invaca a wolf new dad

i have a question, where i can find the gallery?

There is a walkthrough that contains all the content in the game if you ever are curious where something is.

The gallery can be accessed after you complete the Forest Path and receive the Key Item (Ankhrono Replica).  Use it from your inventory by selecting Items -> Key Items -> Ankhrono Replica.

can we go to sophias world i wood love to see what that world is like

Are there any "game over collector" games like this one? Ideally ones that skip right to the filthy good stuff like this one does?

10/10 a must buy


played the whole thing. thoroughly enjoyed every inch. glad that the game has remained loyal to the idea that none of the game overs actually kill someone (for me always a sore spot). im looking forward to explroring every bit and bob in future updates. Cheers! 

Do you have a roadmap layed out already? because i would love to see some update to that "store" in the city! Its one of the best parts (Next to Spider Cave <3 ) and i sincerely hope that it will not be delayed behind everyhting. I want to thank you for all of your efforts so far :) <3

The roadmap is currently focused on adding a brand new zone called "The Collective Mothership."  We are working on art assets for the zone including Battle Sprites, On Map Events, and Game Overs so it is a fairly ambitious next milestone goal.  There has also been work to continue the side events involving Succ or Bust and additional events at the Khrono Manor.

Much of the art progress can be seen on the Art Twitter.

Thanks for the kind words!  Summer has been a bit busier with other obligations popping up as this is a hobby project but work is still continuing.

are these current update is available for the game? ( I just need to know before I install the game) 

The 0.5.0 Update that added the full version of the Khrono Tomb is what is up to date. 

Dev logs are the current going ons in development that are not currently in the game yet but will be in either a WIP build (numbered like 0.5.x) or a milestone build (0.6.0)

I have a few small problems. When I save and close the game, during the next session I no longer have my saved games. Did I miss something in the notepads?
PS: Ur game is very very good

There is a possibility that the provided saves that the games come with are incompatible with your computer system.  Some have reported needing to delete everything found in the "Save" folder in the WWW folder found within the game directory.

Is your computer within the requirements to run the game as well?  There is a readme file that details what the requirements which may be causing issues.

I love this game and where it's going.  Are you considering adding effects to the characters that last after battle such as being horny or when their clothes come off they stay off? Just effects in general to make battle more difficult?

There might be a status effect that remains after battle for an On Map Event and I will be adding a mode to allow for characters to be nude at all times.

se si fanno aggiornamenti come posso salvare i miei progressi

A way to rebind the key bindings would be incredible.

perché non lo fai anche per Android

I am working on completing the PC version before bringing it to Android.

Sto lavorando per completare la versione per PC prima di portarla su Android.

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Buddy, this game is so good... please keep it up and never get discouraged! I am counting on you. Please more content like the sniper.... too good.....

Hi, i would like to ask if something such as suggestions for future are welcome ? i would't like to be rude and just throw it around.

I get inspiration from all sorts of things.  Feel free to suggest things but don't have expectations that everything will make it in.  Thanks for asking!

My thoughts/suggestion would be something like a haunted castle, have something like vampires, ghosts, and somewhat medieval theme. 

Also, i would like to ask, are you the artist for all of that ? it's well drawn and written.


Yeah, something like that is certainly possible but I am unsure when it would be implemented.  

I am the sole dev of this game so I handle everything within it including the art/writing/programming/etc.  Thanks!


Anyone have a save for 0.5.0b with all the encounters and game overs?


You can easily unlock them by yourself in a few hours. But maybe you are lucky and someone shares.

Ci saranno nuovi aggiornamenti?

Attualmente sto lavorando all'artwork per la prossima area. Farò un altro rapporto di aggiornamento alla fine del mese.

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Could you enable WASD for movement?

I would need to install additional plugins that would allow for customizing keys.  RPG MV uses the arrow keys as default.

buona idea

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Seuence break alert! There's nothing gating players from entering the Khrono tomb after leaving the Forest Path.

When you enter the tomb it acts just like you've just beaten the spider girl cave. You'll probably want to block off the tomb entrance until Webby is defeated for the first timers.


Ah, yeah, I thought about that and should probably change where Rin appears with the monster swarm to avoid issues.

Thanks for the reminder!

I discovered a bug, during the intro, everything after leaving your bedroom that's interactable or just has dialogue to it will shoot through all the dialogue instantly, I have yet to figure out where it will stop doing this. I just found out that before talking to the girl who is restocking stuff, if you go to the dinner plate at the bottom of the room it will stop dialogue from skipping, I don't know why.

Hello!  Are you by chance attempting to use WASD to move?  The game uses the arrow keys for movement and the W key will cause the rapid shoot through dialogue you're experiencing.  I'm not exactly sure if there is a button that toggles this sort of text skip but that may be what is going on.  

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Greetings, I have discovered a bug in the latest version, i have spent over 14,000 gold, and the merchant  girl has the  exclamation point over her  head, but  will not deliver the upgrade message, just offers to sell...

EDIT--- After playing a little further into the game, the issue auto-resolved, when i visited the Khrono Manor from the map, she played the repair  message as intended. 


Dude, the Shadow Queen ending is simply brilliant. Such amazing writing and artwork that it rivals a lot of Hollwood movies for real bruh. I can't stop loving this game. You're incredible, lad, cheers to you!


I played through 0.5.0b and I liked it very much.

It's obvious, that there will be a cloth controlling mage like Mira in the final version. One of her clothes is missing. I am looking forward to that.

Wanna tease us for more future enemies?

Your game is nice, but one doubt can you add hairless fetish in the game where the girls get shaved in every parts of the body including eyebrows they are completely bald,hairelss without eyebrows and naked,will you add that?


That's a bit of a specific fetish.  There are several scenes where they are in skin tight substances, though I suppose it also covers their hair instead of it being tight against their head.  I don't believe I'd focus a scene specifically around shaving but there may be a scene that makes them harder to identify such as a bondage hood or something similar.

So give it a try to make a fetish game over ending or a fetish that involves hairless bald nudity 

I could imagine that as a Game Over scenario.

Idk if its a bug or nah, but the tumblewine bad ending only appears in the artifact after experiencing it and its sprites do not appear no matter what. Same goes with the mudroot

Oh nevermind. I dont know what I did but they appeared

Game Overs tend to appear after defeating the area's boss/after experiencing it. 

The battle sprites always unlock after defeating the area boss.

win the game is down how difint of a game do you thank it will be

2 thangs 1 will we get to go to this resot that was minshind and see what that dress in your room is for

The resort will pop up in a future update and the dress could be used at some point but is mostly just hanging out.


i was thanking the dress cood be used as a praink on you by the maids you tie up

This game is fun and very inspirational. That said, I've been banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how you managed to change your Actor's images as the states are applied. I get that you used Momotaru Remix's plugins to have the actor's models appear, but that's as far as I understand the process. The only other games I've seen with similar systems are Lipucd's projects, but I'm not sure what Neon Black's Battle Engine has to do with it either. I looked up transformations, and it says the buffs and states core is how it works, but it seems dissimilar.

TL;DR: Can you tell me how you managed to have Battler images change with the status effects applied?


I'd highly recommend reading the documentation provided by Momotaru Remix on their system, specifically this page:

In addition to that, there is another plugin for Hiz's State Stacking that allows it to apply one state that 'stacks' into another.

Thanks for the help! Funnily enough, regarding the state stacking, I ended up using a combo of common events and temporary 1-turn states in order to try and mimic stacking states, and ended up with states following an evolutionary path of a sort instead, like A > B > C instead of 1 > 2 > 3. I'll see whether I can do what I'm attempting with my the base MV tools before touching on more plugins, though.

Hmm, would it be possible to have like, a chloroform-er enemy in the game or is that a no-go?


Something like that might show up in a future area.  The Desert Bandits were a potential enemy to have that, but the battle sprites make it trickier to show the full process of its effects.  Perhaps in a side event or something down the line.

Thank you for the reply <3

would it be possible to have a linux build? i've tried to get it to work with wine but it's just stuck saying 'now loading'


To be honest, I do not have a ton of experience when it comes to Linux.  With the RPG MV Export it does weird things for Mac Builds as well due to the plugins the game uses.  The "Now Loading" is due to the battle system trying to load with the plugin.  The Game is still in development but I hope that once the game is completed I can look into other ports such as Android/Mac/Linux; however, I may be limited due to the plugins.

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Why does the game have ryona in the content warnings? I didn't see any instances of it while playing.


I mean, the term is varying in intensities I suppose, but there is some mild strangling in Selena's Mummy Girl Normal Half Sprite.  Just trying to cover most bases of what exists in the game.

Uhh may I ask what was added in the Halloween Build? :P

It added the Halloween Game Over Sequence.  Depending on if you already beat the related enemy, the scene should be unlocked in the gallery.

Thank you!

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